View Full Version : Considering chicken keeping

11-13-2011, 10:45 PM

I've been entertaining the idea of keeping chickens for a while but never looked into it in great depth. I'm finally going to be living in a house with a garden big enough to consider chicken keeping, and have since discovered little hen rescue, which rescues ex battery and barn hens. I'd really like to adopt 2 or 3, but i have no idea about how to keep them. I can't really have them free range as i share a house and we also have a dog (lab trained as a gundog), but would like to get a coop and decent sized run for them.
I was wondering if you could give me some ideas of important things to consider, I know that they will need time to settle in, care of any pecking injuries causing by fighting at the beginning, and various particulars in their diet (pellets, grit etc), but like i say i have absolutely no experience in this area.
I live in a town, and have also become aware of rats being a problem around chicken coops. As i'm starting from scratch and want to avoid the problem as much as possible (particularly as i have neighbours living close by) what measures can I take when setting up my coop and run to try and deter rats as much as possible?
Any help you could give me would be great as if i am going to rehome some of these chickens i'd really like to give them the care and living coniditons they deserve.