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02-20-2007, 10:43 PM
just doing a little research on certain diseases and i'm seeing that pretty much all the symptoms of distemper are the same as a common cold or upper respiratory infection, most are typical of kennel cough so i'm wondering how do you tell the difference in the beginning? I know it all ends up either they live and it was a cold or they die and it was distemper. but that seems so harsh. is there a way to tell? can vets do a test for distemper? what would they test for? they can't really check for blood count cause even with a cold the cell count would be the same. if they're fighting an infection they're fighting an infection and it'll all appear the same. right?

anyway--just curious. i like learning new things. sorry if this sounded stupid

02-20-2007, 11:21 PM
Didn't sound stupid at all so quit worrying. :) I have only been around 2 dogs with distemper...both had a hardening of the nose and paw pads (one reason why it is also called "Hardpad disease") so that was the dead ringer give away to what we were dealing with. Both of these cases I saw though had fatal endings. One was a stray puppy I found when I was 9 and when I brought it home, my grandmother looked it over and mentioned "hardpad" to my mom and they took the dog to the vet. The other was a dog at a shelter I volunteered at when I was 19..he was brought in with it and was PTS upon arrival. :(

Here's a lil' link I have in my favs list online...it has a list of various aliments, along with their symptoms, treatments ect. ect.....Doesn't answer your original question but great info anyways. :)