View Full Version : Question about agression between two male yorkies

01-31-2007, 08:50 AM
I need help with agression or dominance between two male yorkies age 1 year old. Both have been nutered and the agression has improved only some. They still will get into fights at times and have to be separated. I made the mistake of getting two puppies, double trouble, at one time and it would be very hard to have to give one of them up. But I fear that one of them will get hurt sometime when they are having disputes. Has anyone got an answer for this problem? Will it improve or should I make the decision that separation is the only answer. They are both adorable and lovable, intelligent and easy to train.

Did I make a mistake getting two puppies at once?????

01-31-2007, 09:18 AM
I know for a fact that a vast majority of ethical breeders (least in the Dane world) absolutely will not sell litter mates to one home. Especially 2 male puppies. In my opinion it's just a disaster waiting to happen. I would personally advise you to seek out a canine behaviourist or trainer and get some one on one lessons with them if possible.

In general when my dogs have the occasional dispute I let them sort things out between themselves and it has rarely ever escualted beyond a lil' teeth showing and dominant postering and then it was over. But in your case if this is on going and the dogs are causeing serious injuries to one another I would seek the help of a professional who can personally be there with you to help you resolve the situation.

02-01-2007, 05:53 AM
Have the dogs been nutered? If not get it done, that will drop the agression leavels, though at this age it may be a bit too late. I agree with country get to a trainer as one on one, leaving one dog home. Next I would suggest letting them have it out, I assume you have been seperating them everytime they start at one another? If so, stop doing that, your escalating the problem by doing so, the dogs need to establish a pecking order, where you are on top, and one of them are on the bottom. Watch the disputes, there will be a couple. Once its obvious who is the dominent dog and who is the submissive you have to reinforce that, pet the domenint first, when feeding, feed him first, acknowlegde him first, ect.

If there are any arguments in the future after that, allow them to occure, it is simply a reestablishment of pecking order. I know its hard, but its the easiest way to deal with it. Packs in the wild are made up of siblings allowed to do this, your job is only to watch and be there incase the fight gets out of hand, like one dog rolls onto his back and lays there and the other dog doesn't stop, then you stepin. Good luck and definatly seek otu professional help.