View Full Version : Assistance Requested: Six Puppies and Mother

01-07-2007, 08:29 AM

I was visiting North Miami Beach in South Florida last week and discovered seven, now six, puppies living in the grass. Here is a video link:


I canvassed the area and found out the mother was a pet who was left behind (!) when her owners sold their home. (What low lifes they must be!) The mother has been running loose for over two years.

Seven puppies were born around Christmas time. One died the day before yesterday. The people who live there don't seem very concerned and when I pointed out that the dogs fate is either to die young OR have a pack of wild dogs loose in the area they just shrugged.

Does anyone know of a rescue that might take them in? The hardest part will be capturing the mother.

01-08-2007, 12:43 AM
You just LEFT them there and one died?????
I can't understand that at all.
Why didn't you gather them up and bring them to the nearest shelter. Explain about the mother? At least the puppies would have been safe and more than likely they would have gone out to try to trap the mother.
I can't see just leaving these dogs there. At the very least call the humane society!!! Do you really need to be told to call animal control or the humane society? I don't understand this at all.
That is what they do...that is what they are there for!
Call them!