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12-12-2006, 06:11 PM
:( I have been trying to contact the makers of Gereen Dog Food: Gereen Enterprises. The phone numbers I have found on the web are not current ones it seems. e.g. 817-783-5138
Does anyone know of a number they can be reached. Thanks.

12-13-2006, 01:48 PM
Hey, I did a bit of looking (though not extensive) and these were the only numbers I could find. I am not familar with this company but they are only about 3 hours from me I believe (lol, don't know why that's important) Have you tried writing or emailing them?? Sorry I can't be of any real help but I hope your able to get the info your looking for. Have a wonderful Holiday season!

Gereen Enterprises
6216 Baker Lane
Alvarado, TX 76009
(800) 358-4908