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12-05-2006, 10:53 AM
Hi. I have a question about dogs and vaccines. I was at the vet recently with my Weimaraner and I was looking at the list of vaccinations that they could give and it seemed excessive. Do all of you have your dogs vaccinated for everything?????

12-05-2006, 11:13 AM
:) Hello Sammy. It's been a while since I have seen you on.

Anywho..in reguards to vaccines I have an opinion that does vary from many peoples but since alot of my thoughts seem to run on a separate track I'll go ahead and post anyways. :D I have a VERY limited vaccination protocol that I follow. I personally believe that the rampant and over vaccinating is responsible for several of the health issues we see in our dogs. I have had rescues and fosters in my home that have issues related to over-vaccinating. I do not vaccinate for rabies anually...though I do have my dogs titer tested every year to check their immunity for it. It does cost more than just getting a booster shot, but I'm not willing to have my dog injected with a virus if it isn't nessesary. Blue is 4 years old and has had his rabies shot once. He had his titer run in March and his immunity to rabies is still just as good as it was a few years ago. Many people also don't think about vaccinosis when they have their pets vaccinated every year, but this is something that is serious and does happen quite often. Here is a link from a great friend's website: http://www.xceldanes.com/vaccinosis.htm There's lots of reading but it's some very interesting articles that are worth the read IMO.

One thing I do advise is if you have a dog who is ill or recovering from being ill, please do not vaccinate. By vaccinating while the dog is already under stress you run the risk of supressing the immune system even more and that could lead to other problems. I had a beautiful lil Harl female once and since I didn't have the health papers with me when I took her into the vet to show what shots she had recieved the vet I went to just said to start the series over again. Since I knew no better I did and shortly after she developed demodectic mange...which is directly linked to a suppression in the immune system. I have never got over the guilt of that and from now on I always research everything throughly before I do anything with my pets health. Thankfully I have a wonderful vet now who isn't about pushing garbage foods (like Science Diet) on people and doesn't insist that you vaccinate for every single thing under the sun. I have been very forunate to have a vet this great that I can trust.

12-05-2006, 11:25 AM
One more thing to add. Here is a link from a person I admire and have always been able to turn to for advice. We both have very similar ideas in reguards to feeding and vaccinations. Here is a list of links from Kim's website you can find diet info (RAW and yes..kibble too..not bad kibble though) heartworm info and information on vaccinations. I prefer her list of links because they are a little easier to navigate than the one I previously posted, but both links have great info.

Just wanted to add...I am not telling anyone not to listen to their vets or not to have your animals vaccinated. I am just stating my veiwpoint and saying that people should be informed when they visit their vet. Just because they have DMV's does not mean they do not make mistakes or give out the wrong answers sometimes...Everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes. The best thing is to have an open communication with your vet and stay informed on matters of your pets health so that you and your vet are better able to care for them.

12-06-2006, 08:04 AM
I agree, that in our dog world, there are way too many vaccines, my dogs get their rabies once every four years, and go in for their annuals, but if I miss a year I don't worry about it because of their good health already. Also I think it is important that your vet talk to you about them, I think the puppy shots are important, like my baby gettingher boosters when she is born, she needs them to be healthy. However once the first year is up your vet should be asking you all kinds of questions about how your dog lives, hunting dog, much time in the woods, much time in the water, ect..., in order to find out which vaccines are important to give. Up until a year ago we were only giving two vaccines each year, then last year we added one for parasites in water because we started water therpy for our ED dog.

If your vet is pushing all drugs and special foods, I would switch as fast as possible, your vet should be concerned with your dogs health, not making a ton of money off you in drugs and food sales.

12-06-2006, 08:21 AM
It really saddens me to see so many people in the vet world who are more concerned about the almighty dollar than they are the actual health of their clients. Surely if I can research, learn and understand the risks that are involved with giving too many vaccines, then someone whob has attended years of college should be able to as well.

I have owned one show pup from a very reputable breeder and they were so very strict with their vaccinations. My pup only recieved distemper and parvo and it was a breech in contract for me to do more. Of course the pup got rabies as well but I was required to wait as long as legally possible so I wouldn't overload the pup's system. Which honestly I was perfectly fine with this. Someone please explain to me the logic in giving an 8 week old puppy who hasn't even built up it's immune system yet 5 to 7 live viruses????? No sense in it to me what so ever! Not mention in some regions half of the vaccines are not even nessesary! I don't even do boosters on my dogs yearly. I have them titer tested instead and if the test comes back to still show strong immunities (which so far they have) I will not place any extra and unnessary chemicals into my pets.

It took me ages to find a vet that actually agree's with me on this and isn't just after the big bucks. We recenlty had a talk about vaccines and such a few weeks ago and he said he has seen such a huge increase in people bring puppies in who have demodectic mange..and these are shelter puppies or what have you, they are healthy puppies from sound parents and yet once they start their massive rounds of vaccinations they start comming up with demo. Yes, I do understand that demo can be genetic..but it is also flares up when the immune system has been supressed. All dogs carry demodectic mange, but dogs with strong and healthy immune systems do not have any problems.

Either way..lol caught myself rambeling. In reguards to the OP's question...personally I would find another vet that isn't wanting to comprimise the health of your dog just so he can make a buck. Your dog does need vaccinations, but personally I would go with a more conservative vaccination protocol instead of letting them inject every drug they have.

03-22-2007, 12:08 PM

I only would go for the compulsory vaccination against rabies if the regulation is in place. Unless you live or travel in an area with specific dangers, a good diet will keep yur pet healty. If you are looking for a supply of dog medicines (http://www.vetmedsplus.co.uk), you can look at Vetmedsplus.

Hope it helps


03-22-2007, 03:11 PM
i also do not believe in the hundreds of vaccines. mine get their anual rabies, but only because it's a city requirment (that is your license to own the dog--without the dog is not licensed to be in the city). i do not vaccinate for kennel cough. KC is similar to the human's every day, very common, flu virus. Just because you get a flu shot does not mean you won't get the flu. why? because there are HUNDREDS of strains of the flu. you are vaccinated against ONE strain. So when you get the flu, you get another years strain, not the one you were vaccinated against. like the flu, kennel cough will run its course--probably leave the poor pup miserable for a few days--but it'll pass just like a cold or the flu. i do vaccinate for parvo--only because the vaccine is cheaper than the treatment and because parvo can come up from anywhere and for a long time, it's best just to prevent it than have to cure it down the road. distemper is so rare--deadly, but so, so rare. in 5 years I've seen one case of it. If i live in an area where it was seen regularly sure, i'd consider regular distemper shots. but otherwise it's a waste of my money right now.

03-22-2007, 03:18 PM
Well for rottweilers, isn't it important to get their parvo shot regularly? How about PB Pit Bulls? What shots does Zoey need all the time? She is 2.

03-22-2007, 11:54 PM
i guess that, in my opinion, depends on who you ask. my vet will give your dog every vaccination out there if you want him to. but he will be flat out honest with you on his opinions. for dogs over 12 months (or 18-24 for larger breeds) he'll turn you away from everything other than rabies (but like i said before that's the only one required by my state). as far as he says, adult dogs have a natural immunity to certain diseases--like parvo. once they are a year old (or 2 for large breeds) it's very extremely unlikely the dog will contract it. so why bother getting the shot if the dog isn't going to get the disease anyway? now i'm not saying this IS the way it is and you should avoid any more shots for Zoey, i'm just saying this is what my vet says and what i listen to.

03-23-2007, 12:34 AM
My groomer will not take an animal that is not up to date on ALL their vaccinations....sucks to be me i guess lol

03-23-2007, 04:49 AM
Yes rotties really need those parvo shots, we had a huge out break here in Nova Scotia, lost at least five dogs that I know of, all because of one backyard breeder in the area. I immiediatly stopped taking my dogs with us to town and out to socialise until they had it under control again, I'm always on edge when parvo shows up.

03-23-2007, 01:41 PM
none of the groomers around here will groom a dog that hasn't had every single shot either. I think that's stupid really. i was there the other day to pick something up and they were happy to be bathing and caring for a dog with mange but yet they won't bathe my dog who is in excellent and perfect health just because i don't get her vaccinated against a disease that hasn't been seen in who knows how long around here. pretty stupid in my opinion. there are atleast three vets in my area that won't spay or neuter unless the dog has every single vaccination too. not vaccinating against kennel cough is going to have some kind of problem with fixing the dog???? duh.

03-23-2007, 10:42 PM
I now titer my dogs, after reading Catherine O'Driscoll's book "What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines" check out the link:

www.knowbetterdogfood.com/dogcare/health/overvaccination.php - 52k

If only I'd known about this 15 years ago..........