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10-26-2006, 08:17 AM
HI everyone, I'm upset right now, so this might be rambling, I would love any and all responses. Does anyone get and read the free handout
newsletter the Creatures Exchange. Well, I just read it last night, and on page 9 is a resuce story, guess what, it's my neighbor, who no one gets along with, and I"ve been driving by worried for those horses for months.
I kick myself for not reporting her sooner, but I just called the state vets and they told me that the article is about her, and they did take four or five horse. she had a huge barn built, and then took it down this summer (wtf) and it's dismantled across the street. I guess the bank is repossing the house, and she "didn't want them to have it, so der, let the horss suffer, out in the hot sun with the bugs, and now the cold rain and mud.
So, Im getting involved in the remaining four, just called the state vets, and epona, who I got my wonderfull belguin Bambi from four years ago.
ok guys, I have a big heart, but no money, what's a girl to do. Do you think I should ask for that barn, and put it up on my place?? I want to start my own shelter, maybe I should ask???? Belive me, no one can stand this lady, and there is no way I can negotiate anything with her, so I left a message for epon also, I know they'll remember me.
Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions,,, should I buy lotto tickets and cross my fingers????????
I so need all and any comments.
p.sp. I only have 11.2 measely acres, but it's very private, and NO ZONING, so I can do whatever I want. How do I save animals with no $??
Any ideas????????/

10-26-2006, 08:55 AM
Im leaving for most of the day, but would like to ask you all these also before I leave...
This barn of hers is huge, just put up couple years ago, so still new, but dismanteld, not one mile from my place. I"ts at least 30 by 40, and all she wants is a thousand bucks, but I don't even have that, and won't pay that, maybe 500 on my master card.
Does anyone know if I could get a property tax write off, if I figured out how to get that barn down here, all of one mile or less, and have someone put it back up?? I have a level, perfect spot for it, and my biggest worry is what will it do to m y property tax. When I have more time, I need to call an attoruney, or sit with them, because this could be an apoortunity for me in disguis, I"ve been wanting to have a shlter for years.
I think I"ll email sara later too, if she dosen't see this.
HOw do I ask for donations, my local vet and I get along awsome, I need to ask him and her later also.
so many questions, so little time before winter all answers so welcome!!!
will check in later, gone for most of the day,

10-26-2006, 02:46 PM
I have no idea what to tell you in regards to the barn itself. $1000 is quite a good deal, but the more important thing is that if you do not have money, how can you add this many horses to your group and cover their care, feeding, and most importantly the medical on them for years to come. I mean this is your group times 2, so your costs will go up quite a lot. Right now you have a nice group that all get along but you might be upsetting that harmony as well, and who knows what issues these horses have if they have been neglected so long it might be quite expensive as their immune systems will be low and you could be looking at thousands of dollars in medical care in the coming months and years before they are well and sick horses tend to get other medical issues like colic and lameness factors. It's quite a lot to try to take this all on. You might inquire of the state that if you take teh horses and provide a home would they pay you a stipend :until they are rehomed" to save them the cost and time commitment to taking care of them. Perhaps if they do not have the facility they would be willing to help finance their care until you or they can find good homes for them?

10-26-2006, 04:32 PM
Hi Kerry, thankyou for your response. I just received a response via email that quite frankly pissed me off. This person assumes that I know nothing about horses, wtf- why do people make assumptions about someone they dont even know?? My question was in the financial department, and I got a lecture on how I should learn about horses first, I've trained, ridden, and competed for years, dressage, cross country, polo, race horses, why do people make assumptions that put others down, I will never figure that out.
My financial question was never answered, just filled with negativity.
so much for that, it makes me mad to tell you the truth.

I know I can do this, and it's my dream, I guess Ishouldn't have even posted this. I know you meant well Kerry, and I"m well aware of the work. What is sad is that positive things come from positive thinking,
and there is a way..
Kerry, I know you meant well. I really do.
I've found some info on financing, and other tax related things, and
I"m moving forward!!!!!
Thanks dear friend,

10-27-2006, 12:48 PM
Maybe the person did not realize that you had horses of your own and are used to caring for them already?

Anyway you have to admit it does raise a red flag to take on large animals without resources. Even you, if you read the post from someone else would be wondering how the person would be able to do it, y aknow?

Anyway, maybe you should also contact the agricultural group in your area for information. We have an excellent organization here - the Cornell Cooperative and they give amaszing advice on all aspects of animal care. We have hd them come out and examine our fields, make suggestions, look at water run-off and manure composting and they always come back with awesome suggestions and advice - all free! They also have all sorts of programs to help with various aspects of not only care but businesses in teh area, so they mayy be able to point you in the right direction as to getting help.

Do you have anything like that there?

10-27-2006, 04:11 PM
I guess I"m just hitting my head on a brick wall here, that's ok.
Kerry, lets say this, we are new friends, I don't know how much you know about horses but wouldn't it be completely off the wall and outragous for me to assume you know nothing??? That is my point.
My questions are about starting up the buisness, not animal care, that's ok... You mean well, and I so appreciate that. I found a site online about applying for tax exempt status, getting financial aid, rainsing funds, all of that, that's what I was getting at.
It can only be as large as it can support itself, obviously, there are those who get so far over their head with too many animals, it gets to be more money going out than comming in, and that means a sinking ship.
I'm too smart and have too much common sense for that.
Even if it's two horses, it's a shelter!!!!!! One barn cat, one goat, hey
that's my 'FOREVER FARM""
I've always remembered this one, "You have to walk before you can run"

And this is from Mae West, I saw it in someones barn last month

"Too much of a good thing, can be.............GREAT....!!!
Thankyou Kerry, you are a true sweet heart, and very sincere,

10-27-2006, 06:32 PM
I guess I just have this left to say, Kerry. My entire question was to ask how I ask for donations. I don't know what you mean by the "red flag", I take it that means oh uh, nope, somethins wrong here.....
I go back to my original question if anyone on here has any thought.s
DONATIONS , how do I do that. I most likely have to have it offically a shelter, but THAT IS MY QUESTION. I have the land, the ability, the time, ideas for promoting help, ect.....
Anyone? If not, thankyou anyway.
Going back to the person we were both referreing to. Obviously, any
buisness, even owning a home, money comming in must cover expenses going out, and that is my focus. How do all these non profit places get heard, noticed, get the funds?
If no one knows, that's okay, because I'm going to find out, just thought Id put this on this site becuse it might reach so many folks.
wew,,, thankyou

10-29-2006, 07:08 PM
I feel that you are taking my posts too personally...and not in the spirit in which my comments are being suggested. I am not meaning any emails you got, I am referring to the posts here.

In the first post you ask how can someone with no money take care of animals and your other question is how can you take possession of the barn.

Now, I think if someone asks for some advice they need to be able to take negative advice or suggestions from people that have done this before. I mean I think that I learn more from hearing negative stories, and how not to fall into that trap myself than I do from hearing all "rah-rah" posts. Perhaps you are different but I think realistically the whole thing is a large ordeal and a large plan and there will be negatives and positives you'll need to deal with along the way. If you are only looking for positive feedback, then I do not think you are opening yourself up to the reality of the issue. I think you NEED to hear the negative aspects too, so you are prepared and not taken by surprise along the way.

Since you do not seem to want to hear anything at all that is not positive reinforcement, I will leave you with this:

https://shopping.bestfriends.org/default.asp?numperpage=1&images=on&display=full&categoryid=4&searchstr=K100&itemname=Best+Friends%3A+The+True+Story+of+the+Wor ld%27s+Most+Beloved+Animal+Sanctuary

I would strong suggest that book as a place to start. Best Friends is one the most amazing animal sanctuaries I have EVER been too. They are by far the most effective in making changes throughout the United States and they also hold seminars all over the U.S. on how to start a sanctuary and get funding.

Here are resources:

And the do workshops - one is called HOW TO START AN ANIMAL SANCTUARY and from what I hear it is amazing. They WILL educate you on the pros AND cons though, but this November's one is already filled. They host them regularly though:

Take a look through their website and see what you think. I worked for Best Friends for a number of years and I can not more highly recommend them in every single aspect of animal care and rescue.

Good luck.

10-30-2006, 05:07 AM
Hi Kerry, thankyou for this links. You have completely missed my point, as well as Sara, and that is ok. I hear you what you are saying, and I do not need ra ra ra people. I like to be around visionaries. I am one.
I am brainstorming, that's all. That's always been how I get things done.
Maybe that's becuse I"m alone, even when I was married, got things done. My question was about funding, in the very beginning, and no one provided any thoughts, ideas, creative ways for that. It was a bunch of be carefull, why why why's
That's ok Kerry, thankyou for those links, I will be sure to look at them, and that's what I needed, information!!
I'm setting up either this property, or something else I might buy, as a
trust, with my daughter as an "overseeir" for it to always be a shelter or sancuarty. Kerry, sometimes, an idea, a plan, a wish, puts itself together, as it's put together. I cannot explain myself anymore
I know you meant well, and I know oh so well that crap it takes to deal
with difficult people, and animals in pain. I have delt with both before
but now I'm defending myself, which is too frustrating.
Kerry, I know you meant well, thankyou for the links, and for you best intentions.

10-30-2006, 05:10 AM
woops, a bunch of typos, what i meant was, my original question was about funding, and brainstorming about the barn, and the horses up the road. I got absolutely no brainstorming, just questioning everything else.
That's ok, becuase that's how you guys see this. You don't know me,
and don't know how much I already have planned.
But, enough of this, you gave me some good links, and I've already been talking to others near me, and getting ideas.
I also found links about working on getting aproved for non profit status,
which this other person never answerd to me either.
I know you meant well,
I think this thread has worn itself out..