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03-14-2004, 08:49 AM
deleted by writer of post, as it was causing too much controversy and suspicion.

See newest posts for explaination... and thanks to those I've heard from who cared.

03-14-2004, 04:42 PM
You are seriously a wonderful person for taking Mandy in and giving her the treatment she needs. Not many people would do that, especially for an older dog. :D

I've never had a dog with heartworm and it's not that common here. My mom did have a friend who adopted 2 dogs from the pound and they both were heartworm positive. She had to have them both treated and it wasn't fun as I recall. It's amazing how that once a month pill can prevent so many problems. And save a lot of money...

I look forward to reading your blog! I'll check out that site too.

I have an aunt and uncle who live in a suburb of Atlanta. Georgia is a beautiful state! I am applying to graduate school at Emory. I'll be shocked if I get in though!

03-15-2004, 08:37 AM
deleted by writer of post, as it was causing too much controversy and suspicion.

03-15-2004, 10:13 AM
I'll be donating to your fund on Wednesday (payday)! I do admire you for helping Mandy :)

The big plus with Emory is my aunt and uncle living so close. They have offered me a place to live and I can bring Buck :-) Thanks for the tips though about Atlanta. I'm applying to other schools too so we'll see. Emory is not my first choice as it is insanely expensive. :roll:

03-15-2004, 07:16 PM
deleted by writer of post, as it was causing too much controversy and suspicion.

03-17-2004, 07:50 PM
Greg, I'm sorry - I hate to be distrustful, but I think you should post your vet's name and address here for people to make donations directly to the vet for Mandy's treatments. There are way too many internet scams going on for me to feel comfortable with this and I have heard of this exact scam before. Now, I am really NOT accusing you, but I promise I too will help out with this - because I so want this to be something GOOD - if you will post your vet's name and info here for us to send checks directly to him.

03-19-2004, 07:25 PM
deleted by writer of post, as it was causing too much controversy and suspicion.

03-19-2004, 10:32 PM
Greg - good enough for me. Good point also about not posting the vet info

While the vet may not take payments, he may allow us to help build up a credit
for you, so the next time you go there, you have a credit waiting for you.
Please email me the info at kerry@arrowwebsites.com and I'll make an initial
contact with him to discuss setting up a Mandy fund!

I'm sorry you initially took offense. I actually removed two posts since this
forum started, that were both scams. People asking for money for a very sick
dog that they would have to "put down" unless they could get money. You had
to send a postal money order to them at a P.O. Box. I admit that I have been
on your side all this time and then started wondering if perhaps it was just
more "elaborate".

When I lost one of my dogs a few years ago I got two calls that were really
horrible. One woman left a message and said that she had my dog and she had
tortured it to death. Can you imagine? Luckily by the time she left that
message I already had my dog back, but I called every other LOST DOG in the
paper to warn them that this woman may do this to them too - sure enough, she
had. Some of them were still in tears.

Another guy called me and said he was a trucker and picked up my dog on the
highway. Not wanting to "leave it in the road to be killed" he had picked it
up, but now he was six states away. He needed me to wire him money so that he
could ship the dog back to me.

So please excuse me for being suspicious. It's unfortunately LEARNED
behavior. Sigh.

I'm glad Mandy found you. She's a lucky dog.


03-20-2004, 06:20 PM
Oiginal post deleted by writer of post, as it was causing too much controversy and suspicion by the board host.

New added:

We have received many emails of well-wishing for Mandy, the stray taken in who wound up having heart worms. Some have contributed to her medical fund (thank you) and those who qualified for the "Mandy Blossom" print or email photo have already received them (enjoy). A majority of emails, mailed letters, and comments have been very positive and uplifting. A small few folks however, have allowed paranoia to overcome them and things got angry for a while with some vicious comments made (sometimes on both sides when we felt cornered).

The fact is - there will ALWAYS be some folks out there in the world who will try to scam others. It's as old as time itself and nothing new really, but the internet give some a new WAY of scamming. There are still however, many very good charities and good causes that need the help of others, and you cannot turn your back on them at all times just because of what a few scam artists may have done to you personally, or have tried to do to you. I'd like to take a minute however, to share some very rudimentary COMMON SENSE things to keep in mind when you're trying to decide to donate to a charitable cause or not:

1) When you read a post on a board or site that asks for money for a cause, do they offer a detailed story, or just a sentence or two asking for money? The more info given, the better the odds they're legit.

2) Do they give you the ability to contact them via email at least? If so, did they answer the email in a prompt and nice way? Scam artists will not offer ways to contact them much less answer you if you somehow are able to.

3) How will donations be received? If all they offer is a P.O. box, be leery. If they ask for wired money transfers to bank accounts, be VERY leery. If however, they offer Paypal options, will offer you an actual address to send it to, and give you options for payments, chances are they are not scammers. Remember - scammers to not want to be caught, and they're not going to give you choices.

4) Do they have a web site? Is it a simple site that looks like it may have just been slapped together to collect money, or, is it an established more elaborate site? Scammers won't waste too much time trying to make a charity site too elaborate. Make sure the email and "contact" links are available and work as well, go to a real email address (not "hotmail" or "yahoo") and see if they reply to the emails (as per tip # 2).

5) Do they offer receipts or some sort of paperwork regarding the charity, or a list showing monies received? If it's for something like a child's hospital bill, helping a family refurnish after a house fire, or a dog's vet bill (as in our case) - do they offer receipt copies from these things?

6) Has the person asking for donations ever been seen on the board before, or did they just pop in for one post asking for funds, and then disappeared? Did they bother to fill in a profile and email address? Etc. And repeating again # 2, if they are new, do they bother to answer posts, or emails? Scammers don't want to get caught, and will most likely just put one post up in a variety of locations and see who "bites" - they will not take the time to reply to posts or emails.

Simply following these six steps alone, and again, simply allowing your own common sense to kick in, are usually sufficiant to keep you from being scammed or taken advantage of.

When I posted the story about Mandy, even though I followed ALL of the above rules that we use on our own web site to filter scammers, it was not enough, and we were met here with suspicion and asked for more. It was not the intent to start world war III, and at the same time, it was not our intent to have to spend so much time answering those who kept questioning our intentions to help this dog.

I simply wanted to help get Mandy cured and back on her feet, and not have to spend hours a day in emails and paperwork verifying everything to those who were leery, when that time had to be spent actually working, taking care of the dog, and reply to well-wishing notes and heartworm questions sent in by others, on TOP of mailing and emailing the "Mandy Blossom" prints. The effort of trying to keep proving more and more is too much, so no more posts about the dog will be placed here, but will instead be concentrated on several sites where I and those who also help with the main site are more known, and not seen in a bad light.

To those who DID send the nice emails (and donations), thank you VERY much. If you saved the URL, Mandy's blog (journal) will be updated. To the couple of people who had only suspicion and anger in their hearts - I am VERY sorry about the stories you told me about things that have happened to you in the past. I'm sorry that they have shaped you into folks that are so untrusting that you have adopted the "guilty until proven innocent" motto in your lives, but I hope one day you will learn to use some of the steps above so that you will be able to differentiate between "caution" and "paranoia" - one will save you from lots of problems, but the other will cause you to have a very lonely existance. This is by the way, a SINCERE wish for you.

Thank you all for your time. I won't be back on this board, to bug folks about Mandy again.