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Ragdoll Mom
08-05-2006, 01:57 PM
I am disabled and have Service Animal Cats named Cesar and Shelby. People find it hard to believe that Service Animals can be cats but they can be anything from dogs, to monkeys to cats and more that enrich our lives daily and allow us more independence. My housing would not even consider my request and automatically retained an attorney--in the past that caused all people who wanted service animals in our housing to back off.

I had a disabled group tell me to go to HUD and HUD agreed with me and worked on my housing and sure enough HUD worked on them and they settled it and signed an agreement with HUD and HUD and my housing find my cats are official Service Animals and do not fall under the category of a pet--so they are allowed in our housing which is no pet housing. I am getting the Service Animal Identifications from the group S.A.R.A. so they will have their Service Animal IDs. [My cat Cesar says "A cat with a badge, your worst nightmare."--Oh Cesar, behave]. So I am apparently the first person ever to have service animals in our housing--and they are Service Cats.

So I hope everyone knows that cats can be service animals and that if you know a disabled person that is having trouble with their housing getting a service animal approved, they should contact HUD (which is an agency of the U.S. Federal Governement to ask for assistance. GO CESAR, GO SHELBY !!!