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08-02-2006, 11:05 AM
I'm curious to know if anyone has ever gone through a false pregnancy before and how they dealt with it. How were you absolutely positive it was a false pg and not a "real" one? Someone told me if you don't feed the dog for 24 to 36 hours (no food, no water, no treats, no bones, nothing) and keep it crated and away from everything else, it'll get over a false pg. Anyone ever heard of this?

08-02-2006, 01:27 PM
All I have ever heard of is to wait it out, or to have your vet check. Although dogs are designed to survive without food for short periods of time, I can't imagine that would be good for the pups if she was preggy. What makes you ask the question? Do you think your dog is preggy?

08-02-2006, 03:13 PM
Not my dog, a foster dog from a rescue group in town. They asked me to foster her until the pups were 6 weeks (they aren't like a shelter or humane society, they actually rescue dogs from shelters, take in stray dogs, dogs shelters say are "no good" or are sick (even minor stuff like eye infections our shelter euthenizes). So they take these dogs.

As for Bambi, they took her because the shelter said they had no room for her or the pups, she has major eye allergies that require eye drops every 4 hours and because she's is not afraid of people but it takes her awhile to warm up to them before she'll become your friend and the shelter said this kind of dog would be at the shelter forever cause no one wants a dog that won't come to them. Anyway (getting off the pregnancy now).

So the shelter told SavAPet they had Bambi for 3 weeks. Sav-a-Pet had her for 2 weeks and now I've had her for a week (that's a total of 6 weeks). When the shelter got her, evidentally they thought by her size she would deliver within the week. Sav-A-Pet said they were sure she was in labor by the time they got her because of her heavy panting and the discharge and some other signs (including her size). I got her last Wednesday and Friday afternoon she went into full-blown labor! Now, I'm still kinda new to the whole fostering pregnant animals thing and she's ony my 5th pregnant dog in 4 years (and 3 of those were in the last 6 months). So I'm still new to this but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind she was in labor. I could go on and on with her symptoms but I'm telling you, this dog was in labor!!

So by Sunday night, still no puppies, I started to worry a bit. So I called Sav-A-Pet and told them what I was thinking and they had me bring her in to their vet on Monday. He said he wasn't so sure. Yes, she's fat as a dog could be. Her stomach/abdomen is 3 or 4 times the size it "should" be. Her vulva is also big time swollen and her nipples are pretty saggy (about 3/4 inch saggy). You're thinking, pregnant dog right?

You can press on her abdomen and it's completely mushy. Have you ever had kids? You know that day after the baby is born you have all that floppy skin in your stomach? That's how she is. Sit with your hands on her abdomen and the only movement you feel is the up and down your hand does along with her breathing. No milk from her tits, no discharge and no swelling in her vulva.

Their vet did an ultrasound but he said he didn't see anything. Now, if she is 7 or 8 weeks now, the pups would be pretty big but he said even still there should be some kind of skeletal outline. He said that's "missable" if there are a TON of puppies and they're all squished together or if there are only one or two pups and they are hiding behind her organs. Unlikely, but possible (vet's word). Finding a heartbeat was difficult because her breathing was so heavy and she was pretty restless and uncooperative (remember--very shy dog, takes awhile to warm up to you).

So I brought her home and we (vet, rescue group and me) decided we'd just tough it out awhile; see what happens. Who knows, maybe she'll surprise us with a litter of 2 or 20. Weirder things have happened.

So today I had to take another foster to the vet for heartworm treatment so I brought Bambi along for my vet to see (figured why not? You can bring one dog or ten dogs and it's only one office visit fee so I'm already paying an office visit for Momma, might as well throw Bambi in there too right?). So I asked my vet if he could tell if she was pregnant.

He looked at me, looked at her, looked at me and said, "you can't tell that by looking at her??" haha So I don't want to tell him what the other vet said or what we think so I just said I wasn't so sure. She just seems like she's been pregnant forever and I think there's something wrong.

So he got down on the floor with her (and she was all over him, loved him to death, VERY cooperative--I was very surprised). Anyway. So he's on the floor with her, feeling her stomach and abdomen and then looks at me and asks if he can do an ultrasound.

So he takes her and comes back about half an hour later and asks me how long she's been like this. So I told him as far as I had been told, it's been about 6 weeks. So then he says, "Well in my personal opinion, I don't think she's pregnant".

Then he gives me these flyer type things about pseudo-pregnancy that talks about what it is, clinical signs, treatment and then a list of "supplemental readings". And suggests we have her spayed immediately.

The problems are: 1. I'm still not 100% convinced she's not pregnant (or not 100% convinced she is) so I cannot mentally comfortably have her spayed myself and 2. the rescue group won't spay her until she's been adopted (they're policy, it's a no kill shelter but they still don't fix the animal until the day it's been adopted). BUT she's so stand offish right now (possibly being uncomfortable with her "pregnant" state???) that I don't think anyone will adopt her because of it (not too mention, who wants to adopt a dog that looks obviously pregnant, right???)

So long story there to explain why I ask. hehe

08-03-2006, 07:23 AM
Understandable, I would do the treatment on the paper the vet gave you and sweat it out, but the spay thing I understand, I myself having run rescue out of my pocket know the costs add up vet wise if you don't have the adoption fee first, even with the rescue discount. It sounds to me like she had a litter of pups already is without now, but I'm sure your vets know best. see, if the treatment the vet perscribes helps and keep in contact with them throuhg out, thats what I would do.