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07-06-2006, 11:06 PM
Hi everyone..I've been away from the forum a while and I wanted to get some opinions on a fairly controversial topic.

What are your opinions on feeding a raw diet?? Some call it the BARF diet, which from what I understand may not be accurate, simply because since it became semi-popular the meaning of BARF has changed so it can refer to several different methods and products that are fed.

Are there any members here who feed it, and if so what are your thoughts about it?

I realize there are SEVERAL different versions of raw feeding. Some people add veggies, some feed bones, some will not feed bones...the list of varities I have seen goes on and on.

Just a bit curious, and all view points whether for or against it are welcome. :D

07-07-2006, 01:11 AM
hi country chic
the rescue in my link advocate the barf diet and i am supposed to feed it to my foster dogs. there are two reasons why i dont the first being i wont take the risk on getting the full dietary needs right in case i get it all wrong and leave the dogs lacking in something and the second is as i dont feed it to my own dogs i will not do different for another.

i feed james wellbeloved and all the dogs mine-fosters-strays do just fine on it :)

07-08-2006, 04:11 PM
I have heard a lot of good things about raw, but it's not for me or Kota. First of all, Kota's stomach is sensitive. If she gets a lot of variety she gets diarrhea. Second, I like being able to feed her in just a few seconds and move on to other things..like grooming. :)

Kota eats Flint River Ranch kibble btw.

07-08-2006, 06:30 PM
My big girl is picky on what she eats. She gets a combination of a raw meat and vege mix (though it's boiled to medium-raw) and dry kibble (she'll only eat Purina Healthy Morsels Puppy Chow). She won't eat the raw meat and she won't eat the kibble by themselves but she won't eat the combo unless it's mixed PERFECTLY (like if I add more veges or garlic to a batch).

It's a hassle getting it all mixed together and feeding her but it keeps her coat shiny and fat on her belly.

07-08-2006, 06:42 PM
Thanks for the input! I was just curious as to what other people fed because I recently (almost 5 months now) switched to raw. I never thought it would be difficult to tell people what I feed, but when I do people haul off on an anti-raw rant! It's so annoying because I wouldn't do that to someone else. The reason for the switch was Blue (my 4 year old Weimaraner) has ALWAYS had issues. Extreme shedding, frequent needing of teeth cleaning from the vet (and yes he ate dry kibble and had plenty of appropriate chew toys, plus we brushed at home), bad breath, gas and tons of digestion problems such as runny stools almost all the time. After we made the switch to raw and both the dogs adjusted to their new diet (it took about 3 weeks to fully adjust and have normal stools) things have really started getting better. His shedding has reduced greatly and both tof the dog's coats are very nice and glossy, his teeth look great, and his digestion problems have honestly cleared up completly!! No more runny stools!! :) And yard clean up has reduced alot. After a day or so the poop turns powdery and just blows away..no more yellow lawn spots if I don't get the cleanup done.

At first it was a bit more work to feed raw, but after about the 2nd month we got a good routine going and its no harder than feeding kibble. I have what I call a RAW day, where I go out and buy the different meats in bulk (enough to last a Weimaraner and Great Dane about 45 days) After buying everything I get a vinyl table cloth and spread out all my meats, separate, wrap and lable for freezing and stick it all in the fridge. Every night I put the next days breakfast in the sink to thaw and the evening meal in the fridge, then I just put it in the bowls and they eat it up. Some people can make it seem very complicated but it actually isn't..and no it's not like I'm not a busy person...I have 2 children ages 3 and 1, plus I work part-time and I still do it with no extra stress. My husband and I added up our usual feeding cost per month for the dogs and when compared to feeding kibble, we save an average of $42 per month..which isn't huge, but if you count us always taking Blue to the vet (which was literally almost once every month or 2...for the last 3 years!) plus the extra things we bought, special brushes, feeding suplements meant to help the coat, teeth brushing supplies ect. ect. The savings have really added up for us. Now if you buy your supplies from the grocery store then you don't get such a good deal, but I buy in bulk from various places and my dogs have now fully adjusted to several different sources of protein so my options are almost endless. (When you start raw, you only use one protein source at a time and gradually add new items over a period of weeks)

My vet however was VERY against raw....but then again most are because then you won't buy their products. So I fed Blue on it for 2 and 1/2 months and took him in for just a check up. My vet was literally shocked! He didn't believe it was Blue, and he's seen Blue enough to be able to pick him out of a group of Weimaraners. Although he is still a little put off about the idea, he does think its the best thing we've done so far and urges me to keep it up if its working.

And don't worry, I'm not trying to convert anyone to switching, if what you do works then don't change it. I just wanted to put my 2 cents out their on it because so many people judge and get angry without even trying it or being around the dogs that do thrive on it. Of course I have also seen a few dogs that didn't do so well, so if you want to do it please, please do your research before jumping in. I thought about it and researched it for almost a year before I though I had enough facts and understanding to make the switch.

Thanks for listening and at least being open minded. And also thanks for taking my poll! :D

P.S- I just wanted to add that when my dogs were on kibble they were not on the crappy stuff. We have tried everything from Flint River Ranch to Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul (which is the kibble they did best on, but Blue still had issues)

www.rawlearning.com www.skylarzack.com/rawfeeding.htm

07-08-2006, 10:25 PM
That's awesome the raw diet helped so much!!! Who cares what other people think about it. Just like with our 2-legged children, we know what's best for our babies. If the raw works for him, keep up with it. I tried strictly raw and raw/kibble for my Mal but the raw seemed to upset her stomach. No matter how little we gave her (like trying 1 raw to 4 kibble and increasing in time). So I boil it for maybe a minute, cool it back to room temp and it sits better with her.

But I know what you mean by some people being so against that. Dog food is made for dogs and that's all they should eat (that's what many people think). And I guess I can understand it. I felt the same way for awhile. The first time I had heard of the raw meat mix and vitamins and herbs was a wolf-hybrid rescue I had taken in for another rescue group. I thought, "you've got to be kidding me" and thought the whole "thing" was a joke. But I went with it anyway and was amazed at how well the dog improved and how quickly. And I've sworn on the combination since.

I'm glad to hear you've found something that improved your little guy so much. That's great to hear!!!

PS Do you use ground beef or ground turkey in your mix? Or a combination or something else?

07-08-2006, 10:58 PM
Justanotherdoglover........................this may get me jumped because many people have extreme issues on how I feed raw, but I don't care. I don't use ground beef or turkey. Both conatin way too much fat and cause runny stools in my dogs, plus Blue hates ground beef. And I don't use any mixes or the raw diets you can buy in the pet stores. I use raw meaty bones,organs and sometimes even whole carcasses such as rabbit that I buy from a holistic breeder (they don't use steriods or antibiotics, and any other chemicals). I don't use veggies as meals. They like sweet potatoes and carrots on occasion but it is not a every day thing. A few of the favorite foods in my house are chicken backs, turkey necks and pork necks..(fed whole)......the dogs go crazy over them! Click on the link below..it's sort of a beginers guide to feeding raw and it is very close to what and how I feed. (don't worry it isn't too long of a read) I am a huge Great dane fanatic (I also own a dane), so I go to Dane specialty shows, and I have met at least 6 dane breeders (reputable, not BYB's) who also feed the same way I do and have been doing so for over 10 years and they have been a very big source of my education. It is nice to have someone willing to help you out that actually knows what they are doing, there is alot of conflicting information on this topic on the net and in books, so having them as a tutor has been great!!!. Overall I know this diet is not something most people are willing to do, but I have personally seen long term results (dogs that have been fed for at least a decade on raw) and I will never go back to kibble for any of my dogs..I can't tell you how thrilled I am that Blue isn't always at the vet's office...and he's also nice, lean and muscular looking instead of kind of mushy. By the way...I do thank you for not attacking me, I love that there are at least a few open minded people still left in the world. :D

Guide to begining the raw diet:


07-09-2006, 02:32 AM
I have never fed my dog raw diets, because my vet told us not to. I trust a vet's opinion more than my own, seeing as they are the ones who took the college and worked with many, many dog breeds for years and years. Can I ask the reason your vet told you not to? I'm just curious. Mine said not to because feeding a dog human food wouldn't digest properly (my dog's a Cocker Spaniel), and I've very-well noticed it doesn't with things like cheese. He throws up a lot of the things he finds, like the food that drops on the floor, so I've never felt quite comfortable enough making him a personal diet other than kibbles, since they seem to fit in his stomach and not come back out, lol.

Another reason I didn't is because my vet told us how human products contain so much.. different ingredients than those designed for dogs. Our food is also far more fattening (like you mentioned, beef and turkey), and the norm wouldn't understand this may mean more exercise.

But hey, if it works for everyone's dogs here and they're not getting sick or anything, I don't suppose it's harmful (hopefully not in the long run). I think, personally, however, I'll stick to dry foods just so I don't have to experiment with what will settle in my dog and have him getting sick in the process.

07-09-2006, 08:25 AM
A lot of the reason the vets will tell you not is, like was said before, it stops you from buying their products--let it be their dog food or even their vitamins. Some will say it's an issue with salts and the acids being too much for a dog. We're not talking about feeding table scraps though. These are meat mixtures that have been specially formulated for a dog's breed. Humans and dogs are a lot alike. Chocolate, mushrooms and raisons can be just as toxic to us--which is why we are encouraged to eat many foods in moderation. My Mal absolutely LOVES oreo cookies and cream of mushroom soup. She can hear the "crinkle" of an oreo cookie bag a mile away. She has yet to get sick on them, despite containing a ton of chocolate. And it's because I give it to her in moderation. We're not talking about her getting 10 cookies every single day. She gets maybe one, twice a month. Same with mushroom soup.

As for digesting certain human foods. Yes, some are harder to digest in a dog than others. Many foods, especially green vegetables, can be difficult for a dog to digest. My baby has a hard time with juice. Even one small 4 oz glass of apple juice gives her diarhea and a belly ache. But does that mean I don't give it to her? No. If it's diluted with water she has an easier time with it and it doesn't upset her tummy. It's the same with veges for a dog. If you're using fresh raw veges in a recipe for your dog, you need to cut/chop them into very small pieces to make it easier for her to digest.

The meaty recipes work better for some breeds than they do others though. I'm more comfortable feeding my Mal and other wolf-dogs a meat mix or meat/kibble mix because, in the wild, I know they won't be eating ground yellow corn (which is the main ingredient in most kibbles). And, I know that if I make a meat mix the ingredients won't change like they do in kibble on a regular basis. The number 1 ingredient in Science Diet used to be beef, chicken, turkey or lamb or a combination. Now a days your lucky if you find any of them.

CountryChic........my mal LOVES chicken/turkey backs too. She inhales them; I swear she can have the whole thing gone in 10 seconds. Sometimes I put gizzards in my meat mix. Where we used to live we had a butcher shop and the guy would save all the bones for me for my dogs. I loved it because the dogs were able to get the marrow out of the bone and it seemed with getting regular bone marrow they were sick less. I use 1 lb ground beef with 5 lbs of ground turkey in mine and I use them because 9 out of 10 of my rescues are underweight and/or malnurished so the extra fat really helps them get better faster. I use the meat mix more on other dogs as a meatball treat over regular feeding though. Pork I don't use though. I used to give my Mal pork feet, she loved to chew on them, but my vet and someone who works with meat mix's for dogs said raw pork is the number one carrier of worms. So when I do give her pork, it's always cooked.

Yeah, I've seen incredible long term results with raw meat mix's before. One lady I used to rescue with has a collie and timberwolf cross (BYB) that when we first saw him we both were sure he wouldn't make it through the night. Then he wouldn't make it through the week. After about a month and a 15 lb weight gain, we were convinced he was a fighter. He's 18 years old now and still plays fetch.

I'm all for a meat mix if it's made correctly and I think you've done a right thing for Blue. The meat mix, in my opinion, is smarter, safer and easier than shoving gawd knows what of how many pills down the poor dog's throat just to keep him going.

07-09-2006, 09:16 AM

Do you realize that the "canine nutrition" courses that vet's take in school are either sponsored by or even taught by the Hill's company?!? And they take at the most a few months worth of clases (My step-brother's in vetrinary school and Texas A&M, and he actually showed me what their nutrition class consisted of...it's nothing but a sales pitch from the Hill's Co.) The vet's recommend some of the most unhealthy diet you can possibly think of! Their favorite is Science Diet because they get a financial kickback from the product. That food is crap and is full of chemicals and fillers and I will by no means feed that stuff to my dog, reguardless of what my vet says....I have seen first hand what it does to a dog. Many vet's have even recommended Science Diet over more appropriate brands such as Innova, Flint River Ranch, and Chicken Soup For the Dog Lover's Soul! I'm sorry, but when it comes down to nutrition I do my research and I feed what I think is best. I took the vet's advice for 3 years on how to feed and care for Blue, and out of the Vet's own mouth he said he didn't think Blue would reach his full life span. Blue is a totally different dog now, and I sleep just fine at night because I know EXACTLY what is going into my dog's food. There aren't fillers, presevatives, chemicals and on raw if Blue ever has a problem with any food I can pin point exactly what caused it, unlike in kibble when I have to guess which product out of the 40 ingrediants has upset his stomache. The reason my vet didn't want me to try it?? Honestly I don't know. He nor any of the 3 other vet's could give me any sound reasons. They just said kibble is more balanced..which if they mean balanced because it's full of fillers then I'm not interested in that. I did however contact a holistic vet in my Grandparents home state, and she was all for the raw diet, and she gave me plenty of good guidlines to follow to ensure a good healthy balance.

Pet products contain tons of items that dogs don't even need! Corn? By-products? Like I said, I do not feed mixes or raw food bought from pet stores. I feed farm raised, lean meats,organs and bones that I myself cut up. There are no other products there but good old natural meat. No fillers, no presevatives, no chemicals...nothing but meat, organs and bones. Blue was over weight on kibble...and reguarless of what we did we couldn't trim him down...he got to the point where the vet swore he had to have a thyroid problem because of his weight and hair loss...the test all came back clear. Now he is down to a very healthy and lean 89 lbs (compared to his previous 101 lb!) and is very nicely muscled and toned. He is a working dog, and hunts with my husband and when he's not doing that he is always active...and always has been so exercise has never been an issue with Blue and that was not the cause of his obesity, as a matter of fact, since we switched to raw he hasn't been out working because my husband's work schedule changed temporarily...so he has had a bit less exercise since switching and still has a beautiful body condition.

I fully respect your desicion to feed kibble, and there are plenty of very good quality kibbles out there for those who chose to feed it, and of course I know plenty of dogs who have lived their whole life on kiblle and never had any problems. So, no I don't think it is wrong for people to feed it, everyone needs to do what they are comfortable with and what they feel is best....It took me a year to make up my mind and I did tons of research because I didn't want to go into this half blind. And no, it's no more harmful that kibble. I have had 2 danes bloat on kibble..one died. :( And it wasn't because he inhaled it. No I'm not saying kibble kills, but it basically impossible for a dog to inhale a properly fed raw diet. My dogs take an average of 20 minutes to finish their meals (fed smaller meals 2 or 3 times a day), they chew everything completly and really savor it. And as far as long term......A very good friend of my family, who has also been a Dane breeder and exhibitor for 17 years has been feeding Raw for 12 of those years. Her dogs look excellent, and excel in the ring. She has never had an incident with bloat (huge concern in danes) or any problems with bones. She also hasn't had to deal with HOD or Pano in her pups...which is something dane puppies suffer from very often due to nutrition. Danes have very specific nutrition needs and should never have a kibble that has more than 24% protien and 12-14% fat. She breeds maybe one litter a year and her pups are weaned onto raw!! She currently owns a retired show dog that is 11 years old and has been fed raw his entire life...he is just as active and healthy as a dog half his age...and as you probably know, Danes are a short lived breed and tend to suffer alot in their old age. So I have seen the long term results and feel very confident that I am doing what is best for my dogs.

07-09-2006, 09:02 PM
I don't know what kind of vets you've been to, but I don't think I've had the same experience with them. My vet didn't have us put our dog on a Science Diet diet at all. She first advised Nutra Gold, which we went for until the petstore stopped supplying it.

I'm careful about the vets I choose. They're like human doctors to me, they need to always explain all the information, without me having to ask "why?". If there are vets that are advising Science Diet (and I know plenty of dogs that do eat it) because it benefits their paycheck, then I hope I never have to have them as mine! I'll remember that next time around when I get a dog.

I just don't want to feel like I've lacked in proper care by not feeding my dog a gourmet meal.. I honestly don't think he would have ever handled it. He's 13 right now, and I don't want to risk changing his diet. He's too old. And even as a puppy, human food has never settled right in his stomach. And since Cockers don't shed, never had to worry about the hair care kinds of foods.

So, it's not like I'm against it, I just don't think I'll try it this time around. Thanks for the extra info, however.

07-09-2006, 10:07 PM
Totally understandable Araz. I had a Corgi once and EVERYTHING other than Science Diet made him sick. And I mean sick, sick, sick. Even other kibbles. Table scraps, meat mixes, canned (wet) food--even wet Science Diet, made him sick. So I was totally against changing his food too. It just wasn't right for him.

But that's what we were saying--it's great for some dogs, not so good for others. And us, as "parents", know what's best for our little ones. hehe

07-10-2006, 07:42 AM

Hi....I'm sorry if I made you feel like your doing wrong by your dog by not feeding a "gourmet meal". That was not my intention at all. I only intended to inform people about it..I do tend to get on a rant over it just for the simple fact that I have so many people jump my case about how I feed is wrong. There are 15 vets in my area within a 20 minute drive. I have talked to every single one of them and most will try to convice you of buying Science Diet right from the get go.....until you pull out a bag, show them the ingrediants and say "would you eat that crap?" After that I have had a *few* recommend and more suitable brand. One of my family's very first Great Danes (when I was about 7) was trusted into the care of a vet. We fed high quality kibble (the best available at the time) that was a puppy formula recommended by the vet. The puppy came down with HOD 'Hypertophic Osteodystrophy' which is linked to inaprropreate nutitrion for a dane pup...they grow at such a fsat rate that they CAN NOT be fed puppy food, you have to reduce their protein and fat intake. Well to make a long story short the puppy suffered from terrible pain, fever and took a very long time to recover. Now...when I got Brutus (5 months ago) I called every single vet to pick their brains about the best food for my puppy. Every single one of them said puppy food!!!!! HOD, Pano and other food based growth disorders are VERY well documented in Danes and still they don't even think of this. They just say whatever they were taught by the Hill's Co. with no reguard to an animals special needs. So yes...I guess you can say I have turned to doing my own research...if my vet won't do it, then for the sake of my dogs I had better. So honestly when it comes to nutrition, when I find a vet who knows more about Danes nutritional needs than I do, then I will listen, but until then I trust myself, and the respected members of the dane community to guide me in makeing the best desicions.

I am however so very proud that you happen to have a vet with common sense! That is so refreshing and I bet it is a nice piece of mind for you as well. And in my honest opinion, if your dog has done well for 13 years on what you feed him, then I wouldn't change it. Why change it if he's doing well. I am also not trying to say all kibble is bad. There are several companies who are making excellent products now. Before switching to raw we fed Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul and Brutus did great on it! My sister has fed nothing but Chicken Soup to her Husky since it came out. He is now 12 and is in excellent shape. I guess what everything boils down to is people need to educate themselves when it comes to their pets, that way if by some chance you do get bad advice, you can be comfortable enough to stand up and say "no, that's not right...we need to veiw other options" . Good luck to you and your dog, and once again I am sorry if I offended, I did not intend to.

07-10-2006, 09:57 AM
It's just such a shocker to me that vets would do that. I always tried to feel secure with a vet as I thought they'd be less prone to ..marketing than human doctors and physicians do. But really, thank you for the info. I've never really known about these raw diets, and the links are helpful and do make me consider them. You (and others in this forum) clearly have more knowledge in dogs than I do, and I love to learn. It sounds like it's done wonders for your dog, and that's a very good thing.

07-10-2006, 11:55 AM
Sadly, yes even some vets are suceptable to GREED. I'm glad you appreciate the raw diet links, but also be warned that there are greedy people in RAW also...you can spend a ton of money on the "pre-mixed raw foods" from certain pet stores...and in MY opinion they are not any better than your run of the mill, average quality kibble. If you ever consider a raw diet with any future pets, please do your research, join a few raw feeder's forums and if possible, contact a holistic vet that has knowledge about raw diets, it is not something I would reccomend jumping into without researching....I have been doing it for 5 months (that's not long at all compared to some of the people I know who have been doing it for 10+ years!) so I am still learing. And since it isn't a pre-mixed food that is already balanced..you need to know what you are doing in order to ensure your pet gets a balanced nutrition.

Since you are a kibble feeder I thought I might post this website link for you. I found it very useful and used it when I fed kibble. It is a food grading system for kibble...it takes you step by step on grading the ingredieants in your dogs food and lets you know what your food scores. I would only feed the kibbles that score no lower than a C, but the higher the score the better quality the food. I fed Chicken Soup which has a score of 113 ( an A+) If for some reason this link doesn't take you directly to the nutrition site, just click on the "nutrition link on the left side of the page.


07-10-2006, 12:07 PM
Cool. Thank you.

07-10-2006, 12:13 PM
We feed Natural Balance I was pleasently surprised to see the Duck and Potato brand on there, wish they sold that here, makes me wonder where their Large breed formula falls, I know my dog is allergic to lamb and that the large breed formula has the Triflax joint builders in it, I'll have to check later.

07-10-2006, 04:07 PM
My mom uses the duck and potatoe formula for a rescue Golden Retriver she has, and she loves it. The dog has some food allergies and so far has been doing great on this food. It's a bit pricey, but worth it from what she says.....the trick is now when she finds someone to adopt him, she has to find someone willing to keep feeding this food reguardless of the fact that it's a bit more expensive. Supposedly though, he doesn't eat as much of it as he does the other foods they've tried and is still maintaining a nice body condition.

07-10-2006, 06:59 PM
Yep our Chicken and rice formul cost $65.00 Canadian every two weeks for us, but our dogs are well worth it, and with our boy's tricky digestive system its been the best stuff for him so far, though hes still not one hundred percent. I love him to death but I'd like to kill the people who bred him, hes had such a hard life when it comes to food allergies.

07-10-2006, 07:18 PM
I understand what you mean. My Weimaraner Blue is a very poorly bred dog. I adopted him from a shelter and have dealt with tons of issues since the day I brought him home. Over the course of 3 years we have tried almost any dog food imaginable (and spent a small fortune) and nothing worked for him. :( It was so sad to see him every single day with diarrhea. He always had to "go"..at least 4 times daily, and not one single thing we ever tried worked for him. On top of that was the skin conditions. And when we had him on Innova, he broke out in hives...the weirdest thing about all of it was he was still over weight! I don't understand how that could be when he always had diarrhea, plus the daily exercise. And he never ate excessive amounts of food either, he is an 89 lb dog (weighted more before) and never ate more than 6 cups of kibble a day, if he even ate that much. So thats why we started suspecting a medical problem, so we ran test, did blood work, the whole nine yards and everything came back fine. So that's when I started doing some serious research about raw diets. Every since we switched he has been a normal healthy dog. No skin issues, no runny stools...which I think his first solid one shocked him because he just stood thier looking at it with this goofy face. lol So I am very happy with our results and the vet is to, I just wish I could have done this sooner. Brutus hasn't had any issues but I wasn't going to buy kibble and raw so I just switched them both and he loves it! Plus it makes me feel better that I am not having to read tons of kibble bags to find the ones with the proper ratios of protein and fat for his special growth needs. My husband jokes that Brutus is growing soo fast he can "feel" him growing when he pets him. When we brought him home at 7 weeks he weighted 17 lbs. Now at 17 weeks he weight 70+lbs! lol Anywho...I'm rambleing. I am glad that the food works for you and your dog with the food allergies. And I completely understand what you mean by "it's worth it to pay the extra price". I have spent an arm and a leg on my dogs and don't regret having doing it, their worth every penny.

10-08-2006, 07:25 AM
I've been feeding Ava and Scoob a raw diet for the last two years. Their diet consists of bone, meat, organs, eggs, very small amount of veggies and some dairy like yogurt and cottage cheese. They eat everything from beef, lamb, quail, chicken, turkey, pork, fish, buffalo, venison and rabbit. I try to provide them with as much variety as possible.

It's funny because the vets I work with were against a raw diet until I confessed what my dogs ate. I think they were shocked to see how healthy and radiant they are as well as how great their teeth look. I've also showed them some books as well as a few well written articles off the net that have convinced them that raw feeding isn't as dangerous as once thought. It's important to note however, that you certainly wouldn't want to jump right into feeding without taking into consideration about the dog's nutritional needs. Just from visiting several forums where people feed raw, it's scary some of they feeding practices they come up with.

All in all, I've been very pleased how they've done with the diet and feeding them raw meat and bones has become so routine for me that I can't ever imagine putting a bowl of kibble down for them again. I know it's not for everyone or dog but it's worked very well for Ava and especially Scoob.

01-27-2011, 04:25 AM
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