View Full Version : Need Help Regarding Food

11-02-2011, 09:30 PM
Hello My name is emma and i recently be came an owner of a beatiful male mini lop. Let me give you a little info on how i came about him, i promise not to bore you to much!

I had been looking for a mini lop for such a long time and had almost given up hope when i friend told me about a woman she works with. So i went to have a look yesterday, and sadly i couldnt believe my eyes at the horror of the conditions that they were kept in needless to say i took the baby and promptly called the R.S.P.C.A i only wish i had the space for them all, it kept me awake all night. Anyway the woman gave me some change over food it was suppose to be complete dry mix....know maybe i'm being stupid but isnt it ment to be bright in colour, driy and crisp?? well this was brown, damp, soft and smelt rotten. My problem is i have read that any food change is suppose to be done gradual, as you can imagine i really dont want to feed my little guy this rubbish....do i have to? is there anyway of doing it with out allowing him to eat this so called food? Also the food was kept in a plastic bin, with no lid as far as i could see with flies buzzing about and was stored in the garage along with the rabbits.

Any info you guys can give would be really appreciated