View Full Version : Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Pregnancy

11-02-2011, 09:30 PM
Me and my girlfriend got ourself two netherland dwarf's a few months ago. They are the most cutest things we've ever seen!

They are now 5 months old and recently we noticed one started humping the other one.. we think they might be male and female.

The rabbit which has been getting 'humped' has started to gain more weight on her lower abdomen on both sides. We handled them both today and we noticed she was moulting more than usual.

So... we have come to the conclusion she might be pregnant.

We are abit confused on what to do to and how to go about if she is pregnant. Feedback would be much appreciated on what steps we should take now.

Ive attatched a few pictures of them below just to show you our beautiful bunnies :]

Blue(Male Netherland)