View Full Version : Broody Hen with odd behaviors

11-02-2011, 10:27 PM
I have a hen that is a little over 2yrs old. The coop was attacked recently by racoons for which killed off over 70% of the flock. I decided to let them out of the coop and mingle with the game hens. Three have survived. I noticed one had disappeared and assumed she had become victim to predictors. However just two days ago I noticed her laying on a nest in the dog house. Today I checked to see what the status of her eggs looked like and noticed that she has lost a majority of her feathers on her belly. Is this normal? She had been missing for what seemed close to three weeks, she should have some hatching by now. I've had to toss out one egg due to the smell of spoiled egg in the dog house. I have a rooster who regularly mates with all the hens. The hen that is sitting doesn't look sick, however I've not seen her leave the nest. I was wondering if this is a concern or normal behavior. I've been raising chickens for 4 years and have never seen this before. However none of my Kentucky reds have ever sat on a nest till now. What should I do?