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07-01-2006, 01:36 AM
HI. I hope someone can help me My dobbie has had 10 puppies and has done wonderfully well feeding them. I have weaned the puppies for one week now but my dobbie won't stop producing milk even though I have cut her meals by half. She is now swollen and sore I dont want to put her back to the pups to decrease the milk because I can see it is painful for her. Can somebody please help with this and suggest a remedy. I live in Vietnam where vets are few and far between and not reaslly skilled. HELP.

07-01-2006, 08:54 PM
The condition is called 'mastitis' and can be life threatening and excurciatingly painful. I suggest that you find a vet quicly. She will need antibiotics and, if she is already septic, fluids and in hospital treatment.

until you find a vet (but do it quickly), hot soak her teats and try to express the fluid in them gently. The 'build=up' that she has is just 'sitting there getting more and more infected so don't be surprised if what you are able to 'milk' is bloody and full of pus. If you get NOTHING after you do this RUN tio the vet!

Just curious - why would you breed dogs in a country that doesn't have adequate vet care?

07-07-2006, 07:16 AM
I don't know if it'll help your Dobi, but someone suggested to me after I wheened my daughter to freeze cabbage leaves and use them as a cold compress (cabbage leaves because they'd fit comfortably in a bra). The cold will help dry up the milk and sooth the heat because of the discomfort.

Just remember, she will continue to produce for as long as milk is extracted from her. If you squeeze the milk from her or let the pups at her to help her discomfort, when you stop or pull them away again in time she will just "fill" back up and you'll be right here again.

Try to empty the teats that do look like they may have mastitus though. You can run a search on it and you'll find lots of information on it and how to tell if she's infected. Even if she doesn't have any of these signs, though, doesn't mean she doesn't have mastitus. I just had one dog that showed absolutely no signs whatsoever of it but evidentally she did have it.

You might want to add some echnichea and goldenseal combo to her diet. It'll help increase her immune system to help fight off the infection. I've always had good luck with this combo, which is farely inexpensive (at least here in the states).

07-07-2006, 08:49 AM
Hallo Dog Lover,
Thankyou for your constructive advice. You'll be pleased to know that Baggy is on the mend. I actually contacted the Professor Emiritus in the University department of Agricuture and Animal Husbandry here in Vietnam. He reccomended a medicine which has started to work fine. I really appreciate your help unlike the previous poster who accused me of irresponsibility in "breeding" here due to lack of vets. Baggy was rescued by my wife and I from a dog "farm" in Ho Chi Minh. !3 months old and pregnant already. Wether she was destined to be a"PET" or an entree [black dogs taste better!!] I don't know. She was covered in ticks, fleas and scabs, an enormous wound around her muzzle where they had forced on a metal muzzle. I could tell you more but I'm afraid as a dog lover you would be horrified.
It seems the author at Pets Alive tends to send mostly criticisms to genuine queries, perhaps get the facts before making a statement. I have read their web site they should divert some of their funds they ask for to Vietnam or even send a rep to start a branch here. It is really needed, then they can speak with authority. Again thanks Dog Lover, I love the cabbage idea!! Nick Viet.

07-07-2006, 09:02 AM
The poor dear, she was lucky to find you. Personally I think as long as you are prepared for it, it shouldn't matter how many vets are around as long as you a reasponsible breeder and know how to look after her. I'm sorry your having such a problem, having fed my own child I know the pain and danger of producing milk thats not being used. I'm glad your vet could help, I know around here their are quiet a few diffrent drugs that help dry up a bitch after her pups have weaned.

Your dog is very lucky to have you and your wife and I hope all goes well.


07-08-2006, 12:21 AM
Dear Heather,
Thankyou so much for your supportive letter. I'm afraid animals are not treated with the same consideration here as in our own countries. So far I have rescued 7 turtles and a gibbon from terrible conditions and had them released. However Vietnam is not as bad as China with their horrific fur trade. Sadly many animals we classify as pets are on the menu here plus a host of wild creatures. There are a sturdy few associations here for wild animals but sadly none for domestic pets. Many "pets' here are kept all their lives in cramped cages or at the end of very short chains. Most are fed on a diet of rice, not good for dogs and cats. I wish I could start an animal shelter here but my money won't stretch that far. We need an international group to come here and start something.
Again thanks for your lovely letter.........Nick Viet

07-08-2006, 08:28 AM

You could put in a requestion with the ASPCA or Humane Society. Tell them your concerns and see if they'd be willing to help out with something or even have some ideas.

I'd say the problem you might have though, is the people considering your rescue to be a (meat) market. It would take a long time to be able to explain to them how it is in "our world". And then having to do constant home-checks to assure the animals are being kept as pets. You have to understand that they aren't doing what they do out of hatred for animals or joy of seeing them like this. The majority of it is because they are only doing what they saw happen as growing children. This is just what's normal to them. This is their way and it'll take a lot to convince them to change it.

But I think you have a great heart and I understand where you're coming from!!! If you don't mind my asking, how come you guys are there and are you coming "home" anytime soon?

07-09-2006, 04:14 AM
Hi Dog Lover.
I understand their thought process re food and I know about their hunger at times, what is difficult for me is the cruelty. I have been in Asia for 25 years or there abouts, living in 7 SE Asian countries. I'm afraid Vietnam is quite a cruel society you only have to visit the markets to see that. Humane slaughter is not here. However bird flu is changing things, who would think that such a terrible disease could effect things.
I'm here because I've been married for 12 years to a lovely Vietnamese lady. She has been to many countries with me because of my job and seen how animals are treated. I bought her a puppy 12 years ago and he is still with us which is very rare here, Max was the real chocolate box puppy. Now he is a bad tempered grumpy old so-n-so. He bosses Baggy around and because she is such a lady she never retaliates. Now he is being harassed by 10 little Dobermanns. Poor old man!!
In answer to your question re home and doing what? I'm really a Scot far from home and unlikely to return to the land of the brave. Work I teach people how to cook. I really wanted to be a vet when I was a boy but some things don't happen. I would love to ask a humane society to help here but from things I have seen on Animal planet I feel they have enough to do in the US.
Thanks for your letter and I hope that you will always have a dog to love. Nothing beats the unswerving love you get from them.....Nick

07-09-2006, 09:13 PM
Despite the governmental and market conditions in your country, it's nice and refreshing to see that you have a much different mentality than that. It may not be in the law yet, but one or two people caring is a start and can make all the difference. Good for you.

07-09-2006, 11:22 PM
Dear Arazante,
Thanks for your support, I've tried to access your web site because I see you add art in your profile. sadly I could not for some reason. I loved the tiger picture very apt for me because I'm year of the tiger. I see that you say all will change lets hope so. did you know that the Phillipines government has now outlawed eating dog, sadly it still persists. My wife maintains that a dog knows if someone has eaten dog. This seems to have been proved because Baggy goes bananas at some visitors to my house and it is always that they had recently eaten dog. I would love to start a sanctuary for mal-treated domestic animals because it an entirely neglected area. Again thanks for the support..........Regards.. Nick