View Full Version : Seperate sister from brothers?

06-12-2006, 07:05 PM
Well, Goldie's doing really good with her puppies. There are 10 boys and one girl, the girl being the smallest. She takes really good care of them and is always with them (minus her roam around the livingroom in the morning for dropped cereal bits). And she comes in and out as she pleases.

But the little girl worries me, a lot. She doesn't nurse, for some reason or another. Today she cried and cried and cried and I kept putting her right up to the nipple and she just kept backing away. I tried and failed, tried and failed.

Finally after a few hours I made a bottle and she drank a good 3 ounces before falling asleep. Man, she sucked so hard I couldn't pull the bottle out of her mouth.

Goldie had been laying down with the other pups, letting them nurse, when I took "Junior" out of the crate to bottle feed her. When I picked her up, Goldie stood up and kept standing at the crate door while I bottle fed the puppy. So of course, all the other pups cried and cried to eat.

Should I completely remove the female from the rest of the litter and continue to bottle feed her? It seems to me that the rest of the pups are being stepped on when Goldie wastes impatiently for me to return her pup. And she doesn't feed them while she's waiting. The female is considerably smaller than the males, which tells me she's not getting fed enough (for some reason or another--I know it's a big litter).

What would be less stressfull on everyone? Me leaving her with the rest and pulling her out every few hours when she screams and the rest not being fed for the time being? Or just take her out completely and continue to bottle feed her?

They'll be two weeks on Wednesday.

06-13-2006, 06:43 AM
Best thing is to leave her with mom, she is continuing to raise her and look after her. When it comes time to feed her, rather then taking her away, sit at the opening of the box and feed her there, that way mom can still lay down and look after her pups but still sniff and lick the pup your feeding without disturbing the rest of them. The pup still needs mom, but she obviously needs you too. Your going to have to become part of the pack :)