06-04-2006, 03:14 PM
I've started a petition to help get Maximum justice for the kitten that was
mutilated and subsequently died when it's owner, Dennis Perreault of Halifax
attempted to neuter him at home using scissors and no anesthetic! He
succeded in cutting of the 7 week old kittens testicles and most of its
He has been charged with two counts each of animal cruelty under the
provincial Animal Cruelty Prevention Act and the Criminal Code.

Emergency surgery initially saved the kitten's life, but four days after it
was seized, the kitten succumbed to infection.

He will be back in court to enter a plea Aug. 22.

The maximum penalty for the summary offence would be six months in jail and
a $1,000 fine. In our opinion this is not enough, but we are going to help
do all we can to ensure that he DOES get the maximum he can get for this
horrendous crime. This guy clearly has no respect for animals, and probably
not much respect for life in any form.

Here is the link

PLEASE PASS THIS ON to everyone you know! Please feel free to post to any
groups or lists you belong to as well. You can also print it out and post
it at your office/place of work too. Just give drop me a line when you have
signatures and I'll come pick it up. This guy deserves the max.


PS after you sign the petiton you will be redirected to a page that asks if you want to make a donation to the site. Just ignoire this as you don't have to make a donation in order to sign, once this page pops up your signature has already been recorded.

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