05-18-2006, 09:06 AM
Hi. I have a huge problem! My 3 1/2 year old Weimaraner, Blue is sick and we haven't figured out just yet what the problem is. He is usually an energetic dog and this morning when I got up to take him for a walk he wouldn't get up. He had thrown up during the night and also had mild diarhea. Blue was also standing very stiff and turning his head and hitting his stomache when I tried to get him to walk, sort of like a horse does when they have colic, so I'm guessing he also has adominal pain. I immediatly drove him to the Vet and they are working on him now. (I couldn't stay because my husband had to work & I had to be home with the kids) The Vet thought it might be a poisoning of some sort . He question me about all kinds of thing like chocolate, anti freeze, pesticides ect. ect. But we have absolutly none of that here. The only chemicals in my house are cleaning products which are in the cabinet above the sink. I am so scared right now. We rescued him from the Shelter about 3 years ago and have been through alot with this dog. We almost lost him once before when we had him neutered...we were unaware that he had a medical condition called Von Willebrand's disease (vWD) which is a bleeding disorder....and after the surgury they couldn't stop the bleeding. I'm concerned that if they have to do a surgury because of this that he may not pull through.....I know I should wait for the Vet to call, but my mind is racing and I'm so worried...if anyone has any suggestions on what he could have gotten into that would help...I need to figure out how this happened. Thanks for any input and I'm sorry if I sound neurotic.

05-18-2006, 09:29 AM
You don't sound neurotic at all; just overally concerned (as you should be). You know, you don't have to wait for the vet to call you. You can call and tell them who you are, that you dropped your dog off this morning for an exam/eval and was wondering if they've learned anything yet. You'll either get a no or a yeah, this is what we've found so far. It can't hurt to try.

He could have swollowed just about anything!!! A hair tie (pony tail, rubber band, etc, etc, etc). He could have injested stuffing from a blanket, pillow or toy. Did he chew up a shoe? A shoe lace? Any yarn or string? His leash? His collar? Was he chewing a rawhide last night?? Maybe a piece got stuck in his throat or his stomach. Maybe something made it from him stomach to his digestive track and it's stuck in their. It could be a whole slew of things and not neccessarily anything he got into last night speficially. Think about it.....when we get a cold, we've had the virus for at least 7 days before any symptoms show up. This could be something he ate or injested a week or more ago and is just now causing him discomfort.

Don't think about just last night or yesterday......is it possible he got into ANYTHING in the last week or two? Did you find an empty bag or bowl outside that wasn't there before? Anything in the yard you didn't put there? Did he get away from you for any period of time in the last two weeks? Did you switch dog food? Did you give him a table scrap not usual to him? (I had a dog once that ate table scraps but got REALLY sick once, looked like anti-freeze posioning but it was actually a piece of shrimp he had gotten the day before that made his illness mimic anti-freeze).

I know it's not easy but try to relax. Sounds like whatever the problem, you caught it early. I'm sure the vet will find what ailes your baby and will fix it.

Does the vet know about your dogs condition?? If not, I suggest calling and telling right away just incase they decide an emergency surgery for some reason. If they know about it, they'll be more prepared to help if a problem does arise from any possible surgery. If they are prepared for it, it'll be easier to save your baby if he does have a problem.

Keep us posted!!!

05-18-2006, 09:58 AM
Thanks for your concern. I called and haven't found out anything yet. Blue picked a bad day to be sick apparently. The local animal control just busted a dog fighting ring this morning and my Vet's office is flooded with sick, injured and malnourished pitbulls. I called forever with no luck because it was busy and when I did get through the recptionist said Blue was stable at the moment but they are running test to figure out what is going on, she said they would call me as soon as they knew something. At the moment they are stableizing one of the really hurt pitbulls and after that they are going to do an x-ray to see if there is anything lodged in his digestive tract. Blue isn't allowed to have rawhides so I kow that isn't it, I am searching the house for anything he could have chewed up even though he never chews on anything, we are also going through the yard to check for possibilites. I will kepp you posted and thanks for your concern.

05-18-2006, 11:48 AM
I think you were very close when you noticed that his symptoms were the same as a horse that was colicking - it sounds to me that Blue has the 'bloat' (same thing) which is very common in deep chested dogs.

Your vet MUST do an XRay right away because this is a potentially life threatening condition and the longer it is allowed to go on the more dangerous it is (both surgically and because the intestines can become necrotic). If this is what it is he will definitely need surgery (which is becoming routine except for his Factor X deficiency). But if you tell your vet about it he can have packed red cells available to give him during the surgery which will hopefully minimize the blood loss.

Is your vet very familiar with Von Willdebrands? If not, perhaps you want to take him to a specialist. If however this is the 'bloat' (torsion) you don't have time to shop around.

Please call your vet's office and ask if they have checked for this.

05-18-2006, 01:33 PM
They have done x-ray's, an ultrasound as well as blood work. I just got off the phone with the Vet for the 4th time and it is not gastric torsion...thank god! He said he was positive it was some sort of poisoning....so he made me make a list of eveything food wise that could have been available to him. I have a 3 year old son who likes to share with the dogs and for the past 2 days I have also had my 7 year old neice over, so I called her mom and spoke to my niece to see if maybe they gave him something. After some coaxing she told me she gave him carrots under the table at dinner (which I knew) and later in the playroom she was hiding raisins under the blanket and telling Blue to find them. (Its a very funny and common game in our house and it is usually done with dog treats or toys) I asked her how much and she said she didn't know, they just fed him the box. Well I went through the play room and found an empty very large box (think econmy size) of Raisins that my sister in law packed in my nieces over night bag. I didn't think this was a big deal, but I called the Vet and told him about it anyway since it was the only thing out of the ordinary that Blue had....As it turns out, Grapes & Raisins are toxic to dogs!!!! I have never in my life heard of this! The good news is that Blue is going to be okay. They have treated him, put him on IV fluids and are going to keep him over night for observation. The vet told me they have not discovered as of yet what in grapes makes them bad but said it could be related to the tannins in the grapes or a bacteria or fungus that grows on the grapes. I wonder why more vets don't warn about this stuff...of course they warn about chocolate and anti freeze, but grapes?? Who would even think of that?? Here is a list from my vet of some common food items that should be avoided and their symptoms...Please watch out for these, I would hate for you to have to suffer through a day like I have had...I don't think I have ever worried so much in my life!!

Chocolate: staggering, laboured breathing, vomiting, diarhea, abdominal pain, tremours, fever, heart rate increase, arrythmia, seizures, coma, death

Coffee / Cocoa: staggering, laboured breathing, vomiting, diarhea, abdominal pain, tremours, fever, heart rate increase, arrythmia, seizures, coma, death

Onions: Hemolytic Anemia, laboured breathing, liver damage, vomiting, diarhea, discoloured urine

Mushrooms: abdominal pain, drooling, liver damage, kidney damage, vomiting diarhea, convulsions, coma, death

Grapes / Raisins: vomiting, diarhea, abdominal pain, lethargy

And thank you so much for your support, I was going out of my mind and couldn't just sit around for the Vet to call me.

05-18-2006, 02:00 PM
I am so happy your dog will be okay.

There have, however, been MANY warnings about grapes/raisins online for two years now. All of the large organizations have posted the dangers(including the ASPCA) and I think even this site has.

One thing you should learn from this is to make available 'appropriate' treats for the kids to give them OR better yet, teach them not to feed the animals to prevent this from happening again. We like to use unsalted saltines (no danger there either of poisoning or getting too fat (they only have 10 calories each but don't get SALTED ones). Perhaps you can put them in a cookie jar for the kids to play with.

I am really thrilled that your vet was good enough to find the problem and follow through - you are lucky!

05-18-2006, 03:17 PM
In CountryChic's defense, I'd never heard grapes were posionous either. I have a dog who's favorite food is mushrooms and she goes psycho when she eats those....just totally off the wall hyper like a 10 lb bag of sugar drops would do to a 5 year old. She loves them.

I'm glad your little Blue is gonna be fine!!!! I agree with PetsAlive. Since it's difficult teaching the kids not to feed the animals, get a special doggy cookie jar and fill it with a "dog specific" treat. You can find tons of recipes online and in book stores on how to make home-made dog cookies and the like too.

05-18-2006, 09:21 PM
Thank you so much for the support I really apprecaite it. And as far as the online information that has been avaliable for 2 years goes, I just recently bought my computer before I joined this forum so that information was not available to me...I always looked to my vet who I see on a very regualr basis to inform me on health issues for my dogs. The dog treat advice is good... but my children are only 1 and 3, but my 3 year old feeds them dog biscuits and carrot sticks.....the raisins were fed by my niece....In normal home circumstances my kids don't eat anywhere but the kitchen or on the patio and are always supervised at any meal or snack time. But the real thing that is important here is the fact that Blue is okay, I learned a few new things and I will always check over night bags when my neices and nephews stay over :)