View Full Version : unilateral cryptorchidism?? Still fertile??

05-06-2006, 04:50 PM
I have a question. If a dog has a unilateral cryptorchidism/monorchidism ( condition in which only one testis descends ) Does this make the dog sterile? Or are they still able to reproduce with only one testicle? This is a topic of debate among some friends who had this disorder in what was supposed to be a future show prospect, they opted to have him neutered and just be a house pet instead of a show dog....The vet was not very informative as to any details concerning this...so does anyone have a more in depth explanation of this condition and the effects it has on the fertility of a dog. A little off topic..but a couple we know had a baby recently..through natural means...and the dad only had one testicle...wouldn't it be the same for animals?

05-08-2006, 05:01 PM
Which condition is it? They are different. In unilateral cryptorchidism the dogs are able to breed. Bilateral they are sterile. In monorchidism I believe they are pretty much sterile, not positive. In any case, they should be neutered.

With monorchidism only one testicle develops. Unilateral the dog has both testicles, but only one descends down.

05-09-2006, 11:55 AM

I am not sure which it was. I believe he had both testis. One fully dropped and the other, depending on how you had the dog laying you could see a small bump under the skin (about the same size as the other testicle) where the second should have been. So I don't know if that was the other testicle and it just didn't drop. Does age play any factors in this?? The dog (a Boxer ) was only 10 weeks when they noticed this, and by 16 weeks it had not dropped so the they had him neutered.....What is the lastest age in which they should drop? Do you think he was just slow in developing, and could have possibly dropped late? I do not like the Vet my friends use, he never explains anything and it seems like the first idea that comes to his mind is what he does. Like for instance, he told my friends they couldn't show this boxer of theirs unless his ears were cropped, so instead of talking to someone else they just let the vet do it. Now the dog has show cropped ears (which still aren't standing correctly) and has been fixed so he cannot be shown. It's a shame he doesn't have his beautiful ears, no show career and his owners who invested so much into him couldn't even invest in a little research before letting someone hack on their dog.

05-09-2006, 01:16 PM
Yes age plays a factor. Generally they should both be in the down within 6 weeks of birth. I'd start getting concerned between 8-12 weeks. They can take as long as 6mths (I've seen it up to 12 but thats rare), so I wouldn't jump the gun. It's very possible that the other guy is there, just having problems lowering. Some vets will use a daily massage technique to move it...and that's something your friend can do. Never seen that procedure done first hand, but I'm sure your dog would love you. 8)

I'm not a vet (yet)...but I do work directly for one...and if he's not explaining things to your friend, then that's not good. Owners shouldn't have to go to tech or assistant to ask questions. It's always advised to get a second opinion before doing any major surgery. Yes, DVM's have 8 years of college, but personally I don't feel that a piece of paper overrides the owners ability to make ethical and smart decisions. A vet shouldn't be making decisions for the owner. They take an oath...and part of that oath is to practice using "veterinary medical ethics" and to promote public health.