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03-07-2006, 10:26 AM
:cry: Recently in Beijing, China, a cat was found almost burnt to death. From attached pictures we can see before being burnt, the cat (whose name is Pang pang , which means chubby in English) is with beautiful long hair in pure white like a snowball. But now people saw him all thought pang pang was a cat in dark brown. We cannot imagine how deeply suffered the cat was--pang pang cannot tell.

Volunteers from local animal protection communities sent the cat to pet hospital for rescue. The cat was dying at the moment with heavy smell of burnt from its skin. Some even suggests the euthanasia as it was almost mission impossible to save its life. After the emergent rescue (thanks to the responsible doctors), the poor cat survived--a narrow escape as it was seriously burnt. Pang pang lost his two ears forever in the accident. Now it is still hard to say pang pang’s life is secure—he is still in a critical stage consider all the possible upcoming complications and the maybe lifelong sequela. Sigh.

According to some volunteers, pang pang was a six-year-old homeless cat (once he had a family but was cast off later), living in a resident area called Meiyuan (Fengtai district, Beijing).Pang pang is so lovely and getting along quite well with local inhabitants. A lady named ‘loving cat’ took care of homeless cats in this area said she fed pang pang since 2003. She also said this was not the first time pang pang was tortured: someone had put needles on pang pang’s back several times already. The lady also knew who did all those to pang pang—a man lived in the same area .He had done the same cruelty to other cats as well, say, he once killed a cat by hanging and put the body on his windows for days .It was the policeman who took the body away later.

After the burning accident, local TV tried to interview that man. It seems he had nothing to apologize, nothing concerns guilty and mercy on the innocent cats. He even held a tougher attitude and roared he’d like killing any cat in his sight.

As cat lovers, my friends and I really cannot understand such a callous person and all his cruelties to cats. We have already tried to solve this issue and called for the support from local media. But we also know what beneath the unscrupulous brutality is lacking of sound animal protection legislation in current China. The man dares to torture, burn and kill cats as he wish only because he knows he won’t get punished. He pays nothing for his wicked deeds --of course he would never learn to respect life and dignity of a homeless cat.

Now the volunteers give pang pang another name—Phoenix. It originates from an old Chinese tale: phoenix is a bird that will get rebirth after fire. We do hope pang pang, the phoenix cat will get his rebirth after the fire and, pang pang’s miserable story will help to push all those concerned authorities to legislate animal protection. Though there’s a long way to hurdle, we never give up.

03-07-2006, 11:51 AM
That's just terrible. I wish I could help, and would if you need any. Sounds like you really need to rally a group of people to demand this not go unpunished. People who take no regret in doing this to animals are also likely to be cruel and disrespectful towards other human beings. They simply do not belong around everyone else.

03-08-2006, 01:47 AM
Thanks for your reply!

Yes, we do need our voices to be heard by the globe! Please go to the website http://www.movshow.com/qianming/english.asp and join us!!! More details and stories are coming soon!
We do hope that China will quicken the process of the legislation of animal protection, and make our country also a paradise for small animals!!!

tigger the turtle
03-09-2006, 06:25 AM
That is so bad.
I hate it when people are so mean.