View Full Version : To the Vet or Not?

02-24-2006, 09:49 AM
This is a decision that all pet owners must make. Our best friends count on us to be smart enough. I've read some messages that show some hesitation to use our own common sense. Please realize that we use Animal Forum to communicate & exchange info, etc. It should not take the place of medical attention when injury or illness occur. I know that vets can get expensive. You have to work that out in your heart & with your vet.
What if no one replied to your message for days? Would you wait?

I'm grateful to have Animal Forum & find it helpful to hear from other animal people. Please remember that your best friend(s) are counting on YOU to react quickly & in their best interest.

"The creatures in our lives are there through sunny days & stormy crisis. Should they expect the same from us? At least!"

03-02-2006, 03:13 AM

This area is for us to discuss our dogs conditions, relate maybe to someone else who had similar issues, etc. It is NOT INTENDED for you to come here when your dog is experiencing a sickness or an illness and ask us what to do to help them. Help them? TAKE YOUR DOG TO THE DARN VET!!! Nothing makes me more angry than to come here and read posts from people that describe terrible illnesses or open wounds that their dogs are currently suffering and ask us what to do. This place should be used to discuss issues AFTER you've already been to the vet.

Makes me sick to see people posting here telling us their dog is vomiting for three days or is bleeding terribly from a wound or is deathly ill and they ask us what they can do to help the animal. You should have your pet taken away from you if you are posting online to a forum to get help for a pet that is seriously ill!!

GO TO THE VET!! ...THEN come here and if we've been through the same thing, we'll be happy to tell you what worked and didn't and how to ease their discomfort during whatever they are going thriugh, but none of us can look at your pet and diagnose them! We're online for goodness sake!

Please think before you post. Take your pet to a veterinarian if they are ill!