View Full Version : taurine and l-carnitine supplements

02-08-2006, 12:52 PM
Dear dog lovers,

I am living in Hong Kong and have been advised to buy these 2 supplements for a dog, but don't know where I can get them, can anyone give me some info on this?

Thanks a million.


02-08-2006, 01:08 PM
from what i know of taurine its added to energy drinks like red bull.
why would your dog need that?
the other i dont know at all but who was it who advised you to give your dog these?
why was it you were advised to give your dog suppliments? :)

05-04-2006, 08:26 PM
I am of the opinion that any supplements whether natural or otherwise should never, ever be administered to animals unless so recommended by a veternarian. If the dog is allergic or if the supplement is too potent, you will have taken a very dangerous risk with your dog's life. Be careful; you have a beautiful dog.

There are a number of human foods, etc., as well, that dogs should not be given. This info comes from my vet. Onions and chocolate are very toxic to a dog's system and should not be offered to them ever. There is probably a list of such foods to avoid, but those are just two that come to mind.

05-04-2006, 10:08 PM
My dog eats the heck outta chocolate. It's only bad if the dog is allergic to a certain ingredient within the chocolate and given enough...however don't try it. It's not worth the risk. :?

Dogs need T and C to prevent heart related issues (DCM, etc). Who advised you to give these supplements to your dog? If it was a vet, s/he should have given you directions, the supplements themselves or at least a place to get them, and more detailed information as to what they do and possible side effects. If there's an allergic reaction to these supplements, your dog could die. Also, you want to know exactly how much to give your dog. The dose is calculated based on several factors (thats part of my job)...giving too large of a dose to a dog can be extremely bad, sometimes fatal...the same goes for humans.

Most dog foods have T and C in them. There are a few decent companies to buy supplements/vitamins out there, however I'm not going to advise you do this without consulting your DVM. If s/he wants you on them, they'll direct you where to find it.