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02-07-2006, 12:26 AM
Ok, I am desperate for help here. This may seemed verry silly but it is the truth. I recently sold my 9 year old son Golden retriever puppy to a friend, and it's the worst mistake of my life. I have gotten the puppy for him when we move to our new home. I had explained all the repsonsibilities of a new puppy to him. He understtod it and was willing to do all it takes to take care of him. The puppy was everything to him, and was there to fill the void of missing his friends when we moved. Of course, I was there for him also. He took care of the puppy with all of our help.
However, one day when I came home, the puppy had pee in the house (this is the only time). I got upset and told him, I will sell the puppy. Knowing how furious I was, my poor kid went along with me. My kid did everything any responsible person will do to take care of a puupy. I just flipped. As irresponsible as I am, i went next day and ask at work if anyone needs a puppy and behold sure someone was willing to buy it. I thought in my mind, what the heck, if my son was upset, i can always get the puppy back. He is a friend. The next day, he came and get the puppy. That was the begining of the end of my life and the love of a dad and a kid. Since then, my kid is very sad, miserable and misses the pup so much. I took away the bond of a kid love for his puppy and the endless joy the puppy brought to him. Both kids suffered enough because of my misjudgment. This was totally a horrible mistake on my part. Since the minute the puppy left, our household is not the same. My son and his little brothr cries constantly and are not the same without the puppy. Their lives are in turmoil and as a dad it hurts and grieves me to see what they are going through. It does not get better as times goes by. They totally lost the reason to have fun, the will to enjoy the things they once enjoyed like even watching cartoon, or the joy of being a family. This is just a small part of what they are going through. Words are not enough to mention the sufferings. The loss of their puppy had taken a tremendous toll on the kids. Since I made that horrible mistake nothing had gone right any more. Our days are dull, frightening and endless.

I attempted after the first day to get the puppy back and my friend refuses. I then offer to get any puppy for his family, he refuses. I then offered a puppy, with paid food, all vet billls and training, he refuses. Offered him 5k, he refuses. We wrote him a 8 pg. letter, pleading to explain to his kids how my kids are suffering, he didn't do that. I think if he just sat with his kids and explain what happened, the kids will understand and will give the puppy back. I know they will miss the puppy also, but I was willing to let them keep the puppy until they get use to another one, or even share my kid puppy. He never expalin that to his kids. The hope in all of this is that he would explain this to his kids. Kids understand kids suffering and they will go the extra mile to help.

I depserately need help here as time is running out. Is there anyone who is out ther or knows someone who can act as a "mediator" to convince him to give us back the puppy. I am willing to pay any amount to someone do this on my behalf. I am desperate for help. I tried numerous time to convinve my kids to get another puppy. My son told me, if mom gave his my six year old away, will I be willing to take another kid to replace him. That hurts. The only way I can get my family back is to get this puppy back. I am willing even to share the puppy. Anyone willing to help, please let me know..I am desperate. Please I beg for any help or suggestions...

Kind Regards..

02-07-2006, 05:23 AM
i am very sorry this has happened, such a small event and your over reaction caused such heartache.

a question does pop in to my mind though, why does the happiness of your family hinge on a puppy? - thats a lot of responsibility for one dog.
yes it hurts and i can understand your childrens hurt and frustration but it seems a little strange that your son will speak such wise words where you flounder.
my guess is you dont need a dog to smear over the cracks and with tensions such as these with what seems to be an underlying problem prehaps a dog in your household is not good for your family right now.

spend some time with your sons, go out as a family. some time in the future if you decise to have another pet please sit down as a family and study. also join a training group so your whole family can attend, my 6yr old can handle my dogs and work with them in sign. its good for the whole family to bond and good for the dog to bond with the family.

02-21-2006, 04:11 PM
I cannot explain the inner workings of another human. Only they know why they do what they do. Sometimes mistakes cannot be undone in the ways that we first think they should. Sometimes we have to step back to see the bigger picture. The dog's best interest for starters. Are these other people giving the dog a good home? Have they threatened to "get rid of it" over a pee mistake? To be real (not mean), that was a huge error & fate has forced you to look at it longer, perhaps because the real lesson has not yet been learned. For whatever reason(s), that puppy now has a new (& hopefully loving) home. You are reacting with the guilt that your family reminds you of, not with what is best for the dog. He/She is a living, breathing, feeling, bonding soul that should never be passed off or around like an object. When you & your family get that, then do 1 of 3 things - take them to court - get another dog & love him or her properly - don't get another dog. Whatever you decide, please do it for the right reason.

07-05-2009, 10:34 PM
I feel so sorry that you going through this. Don't be depressed, I think its just caused from your over reaction. Be normal and think positive. You should trying to spend some time with your family and I hope everything will be fine.