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02-03-2006, 06:50 PM
A couple of weeks ago, I noticed my dog licking his front paw, and when I looked ones of his nails was cracked. It wasn't too bad of a crack, I was able to cut off the cracked part, without causing him any pain,, and I didn't have to cut too close, so no big deal...

But today I noticed he was licking his back paw, and he didn't want me to look at it. But when I did, one of his back toenails is cracked off completely, (you can see the quick) and it bleeds a little bit, off and on, especially if he is in the snow.

What should I do about it? Would cleaning it myself be okay, or should he see a vet? I don't want to go through an emergency, because I don't think it is that serious, and with the weekend here, to make an appointment, it would be Monday before he is seen anyways...

Also, any suggestions as to what is causing so many cracked toenails?[/i]

02-05-2006, 08:03 AM
As long as the area is clean, it will be fine on its own, trust me I have gone through this many many times. Head for your local tack shop and pick up a bottle of Hibitane and put a little on the area just to make sure, it will take away some of the irritation. Alot of times this happens with rough play out side or on carpet, where the claw gets caught on something as the dog is jumping around. The claw is acciedentally torn at at that time. Watch your dog play and see if you can see what is going on.

If its your dogs dew claws that are being damaged, you may want to consider surgury to have them removed, trust me, after many many injuries to my old dog, I know for a fact that it is much easier to just remove those annoying dew claws. Also, make sure your dogs nails are cliped on a regular bases. We do ours once every four weeks. If you don't do your own dogs nails, ask your vet to show you how to do it, and get a set of clippers and do your dogs nails once a month every month between those long periods that your dog does not see its vet.

Hope this helps