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  1. Now convinced
  2. Convalenscence and rehab for canine hip dysplacia surgery?
  3. Constipation
  5. Bee sting
  6. I don't know if this is working if so, sorry to post again
  7. I have heard that they have put difficult dogs on paxil
  8. dashhound was breed
  9. Getting diabetic dog to eat
  10. Sick and worried
  11. Head Trama :(
  12. Testicular Cancer
  13. Stray urinating on carpet after a week of not? + more
  14. Digestive problems in Jack Russell (Parson) terriors
  15. How do I stop this from happening to you???
  16. Swelling problem :(
  17. Looking for answers on Dog Strokes
  18. HEARTWORM - Vent/& info needed (stray took in has it) :-
  19. Upset Stomach - Separation Anxiety?
  20. oily dog
  21. What do you know about health issues in teacup yorkies?
  22. Hypothyroidism in a Golden Retriever
  24. Fungal Skin Infections
  25. Gentle Leader - breathing issues
  26. skin infections in Dobermans
  27. Urgent!Please Help!
  28. Pink patch on muzzle
  29. Snoring Cocker Spaniels- HELP!
  30. My 4 month old puppy just ate a frog
  31. Please reply, very worried about my dog!
  32. Does anyone give their dog CoEnzyme Q10?
  33. Puppy missing teeth
  34. lab-bouvier eats grass, throws up
  35. deaf puppies
  36. Surgery for elongated palettes
  37. Vaccination after getting parvo? can you?
  38. Sick Golden Retriever - Any Advice/Suggestions?
  39. Puppy vomiting in the morning! What's wrong?
  40. Stiff joints?
  41. My dog has a hole in his throat (read before laughing)
  42. a dogs behind
  43. My Dog Looks Like He's Talking!!!
  44. What do you guys and gals think?
  46. Growing Pains
  47. Dog's memory Span
  48. breeding question
  49. Puppy stomachache
  50. My pit bull blaze
  51. Wood sliver in paw pad. How to take out?
  52. Spontaneous biting...
  53. Is it possible or probable
  54. Dog Choking
  55. my dog may blind!!!!
  56. Thyroid condition
  57. My puppies eyes will not stop watering
  58. labor and delivery???
  59. help! Bad mouth sores on my lab cant wait to see vet in am
  60. We've got puppies!!!!
  61. Rottie with loss of facial/head muscle mass
  62. Erection on a 2 year old fixed terrier mix??
  63. Should I adopt???
  64. HELP!!! Field Cocker Spaniel is underweight
  65. fishy smelling discharge
  66. Liver & Pancreas trouble
  67. Could my puppy have OCD???
  68. Leptospirosis- The New Epidemic
  69. Dog acting funny
  70. need help!! Dog keeps throwing up.
  71. My dog has the WORST smelling gas..
  72. tail docking
  73. Can I jog with a Chocolate Lab?
  74. After effects of Heartworm injection
  75. belgian shepard health issue
  76. SCWT keeps heaving, swallowing when excited
  77. Dogs and earthworms
  78. Dog Slime
  79. Bleeding Paws - Please Help
  80. Vaginal Discharge from black lab
  81. Helping my lab climb the stairs
  82. Springer spaniel-phosphofructokinase
  83. Dog's legs turn into jelly after he pees
  84. my jacky's got poorly eyes
  85. Doxie bumps
  86. Schnauzer Lover here
  87. Ear injury
  88. Tongue injury
  89. Stiff neck
  90. Greenies - causing problems
  91. Pug Collapse
  92. Natural Tranqulizers
  93. How long can a errection last?
  94. Mixed Border Collie has sudden leg pain...
  95. paw pads torn
  96. Pug in Distress! Need advice, please!!
  97. pain in his bones i think !:(
  98. How old before breeding...
  100. Dogs running after eating.
  101. Enlarged heart and congestive heart failure in GSP
  102. Help My rottie is dwindling away fast...
  103. My Shih-Tzu is scraching to much!!
  104. Sarcoptip Mange, Revolution and Vanectyl-p
  105. My dog doesn't bark
  106. bad skin?
  107. Help with my Rottie!!!
  108. Dog Won't Eat Food Prepared By My Boyfriend, Only By Me
  109. the problem with the skin
  110. PRO-HEART6 recalled, too many adverse incidents & 500 de
  111. Frequent nose bleeding
  112. Question for anyone regarding "companion dogs"?
  113. ear mites
  114. Epilepsy- cramps????
  115. SAFE FLEA remedy???
  116. Stopping Rimadyl Use
  117. seems something is bothering her ear
  118. Lab Vomitting after Drinking Water
  119. my dog is gettin red spots/rashes on her skin??!!!
  120. HELP - My dog rolled in something and she smells like fish
  121. problems after neutering
  122. spasms in rear end
  123. Spaying is the answer?
  124. missing tooth - is this a breeders responsibility?
  125. Frost bite?
  126. skin problem
  127. eye problems?
  128. EKKKK Fleas PLZ.. Help.....
  129. dog with hip dysplasia
  131. cracked toenail
  132. my chihuahua is acting strange
  133. Excessive drooling
  134. taurine and l-carnitine supplements
  136. To the Vet or Not?
  137. dog has urinary tract infection
  138. Nuetering gone wrong
  139. The Canine Flu
  140. German Shepherd rescued
  141. My Dog won't walk on one of his hind legs.
  142. Dog Constant Licking Problem (Getting pretty serious)
  143. Older Dog Sleeping Very Soundly-Hard To Wake Up.
  144. IVERMECTIN for Dogs
  145. any reason not to use baby wipes to clean dog feet?
  146. dog eating grass
  147. Pregnancy
  148. Double vaccinations
  149. Strange great dane belly button??
  150. Dog isn't doing well
  151. Perplexed vets
  152. unilateral cryptorchidism?? Still fertile??
  153. Worn down paw pads?
  154. Homeopathic remedies for dogs, anyone ever tried any?
  156. i have a question, i hope someone can help........
  157. Weimaraner at home now!
  158. Uncomfortable dog in labor!
  159. ..walking coordination & balance.......
  160. To euthanize or not?
  161. What's the best topical flea medication?
  162. Seperate sister from brothers?
  163. Spayed dog and depression
  164. Goldie's pups aren't doing so good.
  165. Help! Three-legged dog
  166. Doberman won't stop producing milk. Help!!!
  167. GSD having hepatitis
  168. dry nose.. help
  169. Cattle wormer for dogs???? Ivomec???
  170. Zoeys leg
  171. Lab mix, low protein, shrunken liver, poor appetite,swelling
  172. Making a Canine Home First Aid Kit
  173. West Nile Virus in our dogs?
  174. Huge Question
  175. Explain heart worm to me please.
  176. I'm new...help...
  177. Viet Dobbie with further problem.
  178. Poor puppy I hope we can help
  179. Incontinence in Male Dog
  180. False pregnancy; how to deal with it?
  181. sneezing , wheezing, bad breath Daschund
  182. Not a false pregnancy afterall
  183. Blind dog needs some help
  184. I think my puppy's sniffer is broken.
  185. problem with flies
  186. Hank has facial paralysis. pls r/0>>>
  187. Hi--seeking advice--dog walking in circles
  188. acid reflux
  189. can you give a dog aspirin/tylenol? SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER!
  190. De-worming for dogs
  191. 8 mo. old pup in first heat and wont eat much, please help!
  192. cluster of hard bumps
  193. Concerns about Weimaraner spay.
  194. Chronic ear-wax buildup?
  195. Brutus is sick,anyone dealt with ths before? Opinions please
  196. Yorkie with a flaky nose....help!
  197. Dog Diarrhea
  198. Hot Spots, Again
  199. Vaccinations???
  200. German Shepherd with Diarriah
  201. Help ASAP please, we are having puppies right now!
  202. Blood amongst poo - urgent responce appreciated
  203. Thought I would share this with everyone.
  204. deaf puppy
  205. Question about agression between two male yorkies
  206. dog losing hair
  207. puppy with rabies
  208. distemper
  209. Please Help Us Understand What Happened to Our Dog
  210. consult it (for some help?)
  211. Licking problem
  212. 6 week old babies with lice
  213. Mini Pinscher
  214. USEFUL TRICK !!!
  215. Abnormal skin growth
  216. puppy eats own poo
  217. Apso: Shakes non stop... and dark tarry stool
  218. Dog Constipation - What should i do?
  219. Mypets post
  220. twitching and jerking involuntarily !!!
  221. Bobcat attack!
  222. Food preference change after Parvo
  223. Cyanuric Acid In Unrecalled Dry Food
  224. Weak or plain sick?
  225. PLEASE HELP: Emergency KIDNEY problem
  226. Bad Breath
  227. First heat - is this normal?
  228. Deciding which vac's to give
  229. Science of Vaccine Damage
  230. Constipation after deworming
  231. Lump on dog's hip
  232. What the heck is this?
  233. Bad Shoulder?
  234. Revolution
  235. Toy Poodle - "Baboon Butt" Hair Loss
  236. Help with diagnosis.......
  237. Need thoughts.......
  238. Beautiful Female American Red Nose -How did she get so sick?
  239. Won't stop licking anal glad area, already expressed & e
  240. worns
  241. Scabies
  242. Bit by dog whose tags expired
  243. Wanna guess on diagnosis?
  244. Has anyone had this problem with their dog?
  245. Help... loose Pudding like stool!!!
  246. New strain of PARVO!!!! Very serious!! PLEASE READ
  247. Pomeranian will not eat
  248. Tumor
  250. Closed eye