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  1. Hi to all you breeders or showers
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  4. borzoi
  5. How long did your dog live?
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  15. how many mamory glands dose your girl have
  16. Flyball; Agility
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  21. my 3 month old pup's picture
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  24. recent photo of my pup
  25. My New Canadian Champion, and His Very Promising Daughter!
  26. *** PET OWNERS: It's up to YOU!! Please read! ***
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  30. Pic of Peter; take a look and tell me what you think....
  31. bitch bleeding for 2 1/2 weeks?
  32. North East Bull Terrier Club Open & Trophy Show. (UK)
  33. Do you think he is show quality?
  34. Possible Show Dog? He's a Mixed Breed
  35. UK's Biggest Doggy Party & Fashion Show
  36. Do u guys like PIGEONS?
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  39. Tails of Marin: Some dog breeds can be harder to read
  40. Marine Corps bans dangerous dog breeds on bases
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  42. Your favourite dog breed?
  43. My chihuahua has a mini me
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  46. Do you know the rare and powerful breeds of Pitbull?
  47. Newborn puppies
  48. Does full grown pomsky love children?
  49. Build a dog house manually. Do you care ?
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