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  1. What is your fav breed of dog?
  2. Dog Photo Contest - Win a American Flag Dog Collar and Leash
  3. Jewish-Russian Shepherd
  4. Sick puppies
  5. Petsitter, Dogwalker Available!!!:)
  6. Pet of the month with award
  7. cat with tattoo
  9. Teacup daschunds?
  10. New online Dog game
  11. Let us introduce ourselves...
  12. raiding the litterbox
  13. Hey there, tricky question re: the breed of my dog!
  14. Dog pees in crate!!!
  15. Your Pets History?
  16. BarfWorld Diet
  17. POMERANIAN sizes
  18. Veterinarian Recommendations in Charlotte, NC 28202
  19. Please help identify this dog breed
  20. Jack Russell Terrier - 6 Weeks Old
  21. I have a 4 week old boxer/pit mix.
  22. Help please! (Collar/Harness problems)
  23. How to get that "Ultra-hip" hairless dog look on o
  24. Desperately Looking for a Dog Lover
  25. Advice request - landscaping with dogs in mind
  26. help please
  27. camping with your (non-arctic/cold tolerant) dog
  29. Help
  30. WHAT BREED IS THIS DOG??????????
  31. Can someone help me identify this dog?
  32. What breed is this?
  33. New Puppies!!!!
  34. Come alive
  35. :?: wat toys can i give 2 my dog??
  36. confused??
  37. Not prepared
  38. Looking to get a first dog - what breed?
  39. My mixed breed takes her food out of the bowl in the kitchen
  40. Not another forum!
  41. Any legal defense to use for dog accused of tresspassing.
  42. gracecameron
  43. help with jack russells...
  44. Tibetan Terrier
  45. Help
  46. Are you considering getting a puppy? Read Fletcher's Story.
  47. Gas Chamber in Johnston County, NC
  48. Shiba Inus
  49. Hair loss
  50. Attachments now allowed in AnimalForum!
  51. cutest collars link!
  52. Staffy Missing
  53. Pet Stores
  54. Breed Choices and Where to get 'em
  55. My little Penny is growing up
  56. I want a dog but don't know if I can have one. someone help!
  57. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Family
  58. New puppy or not
  59. This guy is pathetic
  60. Doggy trouble
  61. Doggy trouble
  62. HELP! doggy issues
  63. Please adopt deceased neighbor's German Shepard
  64. siblings/ both genders HELP
  65. What breed is this dog?
  66. Need help!!!!!!
  67. Akitas
  68. Schnoodle
  69. A Rotty Question NEED Info pleaseee....
  70. Why such a submissive dog
  71. Oh the Fence
  72. what did i get myself into?
  73. What dog are you? Part II!
  74. What's really in pet food?
  75. How big was your dog?
  76. Hee-hee
  77. Where's the lovin'?
  78. My dogs
  79. growling and barking husky????
  80. Name our puppy
  81. Need comments on dog art
  82. Doggies
  83. Introducing.....
  84. Abuse
  85. Chicken Dog?
  86. New Dog, Peer Rivelry?
  87. Inside vs. Outside
  88. Puppy shop
  89. Dog Birthday
  90. June Bugs & Bumble Bees
  91. shelter or breeder
  92. border collie mix
  93. Dogs and Country Music?
  95. Looking For A Boxer Puppy for next summer - Suggestions?
  96. Is My New Puppy Going Crazy??
  97. Dogs age
  98. Bailey's Losing Her Mind
  99. Can anyone tell what breed is this?
  100. To Breed Ban Enthusiasts
  101. What type of mix is this?
  102. bouvier de flanders
  103. Old dog - need advice
  104. New Dog
  105. Can anyone recommend a breed to go with a Greyhound?
  106. Check Out My New Puppy Site (puppybattle.com)
  107. Can anyone tell me what my dog is?
  108. will people get trauma after loosing their dog?
  109. Shooting dogs for sport okay in Arkansas
  110. Continental Pet Death.
  111. Best Dog for my Family?
  112. pet travel from the US to UK
  113. rocky 2yr just adopted
  114. What cute/funny thing has your dog done lately?
  115. What breed of dog is this?
  116. I might be getting a Chihuahuha and I need your help
  117. Question, Please answer
  118. Potty Training help.
  119. Can you guess his breed?
  120. Cut Tail
  121. Dogs being shot in St. Bernard Parish, LA - lobby to halt it
  122. Dog Flu Information
  123. Cats or Dogs?
  124. Help me choose another dog!
  125. Got a question.....
  126. New puppy to our family, any idea on the breed?
  127. Helpppppppppppp my american statfordshire terrior
  128. to spay or not to spay
  129. Costco - Kirkland Lamb and rice Dog food.
  130. Adding a puppy?
  131. pet's stain removal
  132. Get Your Dog in a News Story
  133. Looking for a Yorkipoo
  134. Dog Dandruff
  135. Looking for a 2-3 healthy dogs age 20+
  136. How long did your dog live?
  137. Do u give your dogs pills for joints, coats..etc..??...
  138. Rottweiler info
  139. what pet to go with the pet?
  140. Xmas Photo!
  141. stuffed kong recipes :)
  142. MUZZELING????
  143. DOG FOOD BRANDS.....
  144. doggie diapers
  145. Help, flying overseas with a puppy
  146. feeling blue. had great day and lost my glasses :(
  147. dog health questions
  148. Possible Aflatoxin contamination in Two Other Dog Food Brand
  149. Please help I need a puppy!
  150. what is it about your dog that makes you smile?
  151. crating dogs
  152. I feel horrible.. im moving away.. please i need some help
  153. A prothesis for a dog?
  154. german shepherds
  155. lawn problems
  157. Won't stop licking the floor and rugs!!
  158. dog killed mainly for convenience
  159. So is she in heat or not? Does my male know?
  160. Look at this site!
  161. tell me about your dog!
  162. cheese?
  163. VDO Clip Thai Bangkaew dog " TARO " From Chumsang
  164. the origin of pig dog?
  165. What dog toy is this!! anyone know where to get it???
  166. need your help
  167. Getting another dog?
  168. Lifespans- Kennel dog vs. Pedigree
  169. Question about dog breeds and children
  170. What breed is my dog?
  171. Bichon Poodle Mix
  172. Raising 2 puppies
  173. Dog's tail
  174. Just wondering
  175. Neighbors got a cat
  176. new dog
  177. Breeding Information
  178. Val Val Val!!!!! Pics, finally
  179. Why does my dog clean her toys?
  181. New dog; seperation anxiety?
  182. what is my dog?
  183. Dutch Shepherd VS Belgian Malinios
  184. Need your opinions.
  185. Are dogs colorblind?
  186. Your opinions on spaying during pregnancy or in heat.
  187. Collie, or sheltie puppy?
  188. Can't save them all.
  189. Hey guys :]
  190. Wanna take a guess at age/breed? WARNING--GRAFFIC PICTURES
  191. Ok. I finally got a picture!
  192. Brutus Pictures
  193. Bullmastiff shedding
  194. Kota Pictures
  195. Caretaking for an orphaned puppy
  196. saying goodbye .. leaving for vacation
  197. Swimming At The Beach
  198. enjoying the sunshine with your dog
  199. Testing dirt?
  200. What is this puppy crossed with? Dachschund and ?
  201. Ever had a "faulty" box of K9 Advantix?
  202. Pics of my babies
  203. they grow so fast.
  204. saltwater
  205. Smiffy.......buying Brewer's Yeast?
  206. Infection at the lake
  207. Male or Female
  208. It just keeps getting better :(
  209. Oh dear lord.........
  210. Reunite mom and puppy?
  211. HELP!!!! Dog Urine Odors
  212. new 'training' device
  213. New dog, wanna guess breed?
  214. Small Dog and Living Conditions
  215. I am SICK!!!!! Heartbreaking story.
  216. Got a problem with Dobermans??? These people do!!!!
  217. Dog related chicken problem
  218. shredders!!
  219. ***Are There Any Large Dogs That DON'T Shed?
  220. Shelter Manager's Thankless Job
  222. look out for this car (uk)
  223. Dog thiefs
  224. I have a Yorkie poo for adoption at $350
  225. im baaaaack
  226. Mix Breeds
  227. Dogs fur up...necessarily bad/
  228. Kota Won a Photo Contest!
  229. Website to make money off Dog Cruelty In China
  231. wanted Shih tzu
  232. Fostering Mia
  233. Updated Pics of my baby!
  234. bark collars
  235. which area
  236. Kind of a funny question for owners with "little dogs&q
  237. Hip Dysplasia
  238. Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever information?
  239. Blue & Brutus Pictures!
  240. Trying to find a toy..can anyone help??
  241. My happy post.."Who let the dogs out compilation"
  243. Yet another dog
  244. Just a updated picture
  245. China. Stop killing dogs
  246. Dog eats cat poo
  247. unusual aggression body language
  248. Snow today!! Pictures of the canine kids enjoying it!!
  249. whos where thread. where are you and where did you come?
  250. Dogs in Cold House