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  1. Mercy for Animals celebrates 15 years of protection activities
  2. Keep the noise down ...
  3. The Cat and the Cup
  4. Animal Certificate is duplicate of a real pet, lifelong and even after free!
  5. Six Pack Dachshund!
  6. Snake attack
  7. Budi the Baby Orangutan
  8. Gifts From The Crows
  9. Big Beauty!
  10. Whale Killers
  11. Monkey Business
  12. New Species of Cat Fish Named After a Star Wars Character
  13. Last Respects
  14. Mama Dog saves pups from fire
  15. World Day for Laboratory Animals
  16. New England Gerbil Show May 2, 2015
  17. Bring The Butterflies and Bees Back
  18. 3D printer makes titanium beak for turtle!
  19. National Dog Bite Prevention Week in the UK is June 7-14
  20. Twixeled - Animals: new android game for all animal lovers
  21. Fisherman removes 34 babies from dead endangered shark
  22. Chinese woman saves hundreds of Yu Lin dogs
  23. News about Mrs Yang (Yulin dog rescuer)
  24. Great App Animals Fun for Android and IOS
  25. Weather Channel always has some interesting Animal News!
  26. animals in trouble
  27. Bad news about new breeding facility in the UK
  28. Nurse Cat!
  29. My Friend The Cheetah
  30. Dogs are evolving
  31. Lioness has compassion for a Baboon?!
  32. Help Control Cat Population
  33. Beware of Pet Treats Made in China
  34. Talking Panda
  35. Dog Walks 200 Miles ...
  36. New York 911 Firehouse Loses a Spotted Symbol of Healing
  37. Disabled Dogs Shelter
  38. Puppy Love!
  39. The Dog In The Corner
  40. Horses Recognise Human Emotions
  41. If you care about animals watch this and share with everyone
  43. 5,000 Miles
  44. Ostrich chasing cyclists in South Africa
  45. Sea World to stop breeding orcas
  46. Dogs do not forget!
  47. Monks Buy Dozens of Lobsters Destined for the Pot ...
  48. Things to do to Stop Dog and Cat Meat Trade and Yulin Festival- Everyone's Responsibi
  49. Driving with pets makes us happier according to a survey
  50. Chimp adopts kitten
  51. Domestic cat mistaken for a big cat
  52. Teddy the cockapoo saves a boy from death
  53. A sick idea is dropped in Japan
  54. New 5 notes and why vegetarians won't accept it
  55. ): Why do such a thing?
  56. This is interesting!
  57. Faithful Dogs!
  58. Bird of prey looking into camera
  59. Warning: Pentobarbital found in US dog food
  60. Animals + Valentine's treats
  61. Ancient kitty
  62. NZ bans cosmetic experiments of animals
  63. Eli and Jess's Forever Home
  64. Microchips causing cancer?
  65. New Pet and Animal Site
  66. Hurricane Harvey Animal Releif. Please Help if you can!
  67. Eagle view
  68. Creature Feature News
  69. Alpana Bhartia's PFA is rescuing troubled animals
  70. Dime's recovery news
  71. Today is International Respect for Chickens Day
  72. 7 Animals that are More Heroic than You!
  73. Happy New Year, 2019!
  74. the 3rd largest zoo in the world
  75. Crocodiles in Florida Spawning 2 months earlier this year due to Hot temperatures
  76. Scientists Add Human Genes to Monkey Brain
  77. A very lucky dog!
  78. Dogs go to the polling stations!
  79. Stray Dogs Ask Teens To Help and Save Their Friend!
  80. NY State could be the first state in USA to ban cat declawing
  81. Cruel dolphin hunt beginning to decline?
  82. Super hyped, new tank!